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Fotos af: Sverre Hjørnevik

Skribent: Nichlas Langhoff Rasmussen

Gaute Silseth er en norsk freeskier (twintip) på 20 år. Han er født og opvokset i en lille by Batnfjordsøra på vestkysten. Det seneste stykke tid har han filmet med Chaoz Productions i Folgefonna til en film, der har premiere den 22. september i Oslo i år.

Hey Gaute. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hey! I’m born and raised in a small town called Batnfjordsøra. It´s a beautiful town and I love to spend my summers here, surrounded with good friends, and many fun things to do. In the winter I spend most of my time traveling the world skiing. I just love it! Traveling to so many cool places and meet so many cool people. It´s just a whole lot of fun, traveling with my friends as well, to competitions and film shoots.

How was it in Folgefonna?
Folgefonna was a lot of fun! I went down there with some of my best friends. We didn´t know how the weather would be, It could be sun or rain – hard to tell at a place like Folgefonna – but we went down with a good feeling. The first day it didn´t look to good, so we did what we had done all this season, waited for the weather to change. After a few hours, the sun was about to set, and we got the sickest sunset. One of the sickest I have ever seen, and the same happened the next day, just even better. So the shoots was just amazing! We got many sick shots. Some of the best shots this season. 
The last day we went down to the sea for a swim, and we did found some spots we could jump from, super fun day. Got some good shots there as well. Good times! Stay tuned for the Chaoz movie this year!

How is the shoot with Chaoz Productions coming along?
The shoot turned out great. Everyone laid down some sick tricks, and we got a sick back drop! I would say that the shots are some of the best ones in Chaoz´s history!

Who’s ripping with up there?
We are a good crew, Espen Bergh, Øystein Bråten, Vegard Øye, Frederick Iliano and me as riders. And then we have the boss; Eivind Aurstad, behind the Red Epic!

Do you have any other skiing plans this summer?
Now not really, it sucks! Need to get back on skis, I just don´t know when or where. 

How has this season been for you?
The season have been okay, not good, not bad. But the weather has been a bitch all season, at all the competitions and the film shoots. that´s why the season hasn’t been as good as it could been. But I´m stoked anyway.

What will you be up too next season?
A lot of skiing for sure! I want to try to film even more, just because that’s what I Love to do. I will do some comps as well, just not sure on what comps yet. And I´ll go out there and get some new tricks down. That’s my goal next season.

Would you like to give a shout out to anyone here in the end?
I want to give shootout to my sponsors: Sabotage, Atomic and Smith thanks a lot for all the support!! 


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