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Artikel: Burton US Open - Resultater


Burton US Open - Resultater

Riders hunched down and pumped their knees as much as possible, though nothing could increase speed. By their third runs, most riders were unable to complete the course due to snow slowing them down in between kickers. First runs would have undeniably been taken more seriously if such snow build up was expected.

“It’s my twenty-first US Open and I’ve never seen a blizzard this big,” Matt Sullivan, former editor for Snowboarder Magazine, announced on an international live webcast.

Instead of impressive runs filled with 10s and 12s, it was a show with ample edge catches, knee busts, jump checking and incomplete performances. Frustration was an understatement for all riders. The mental and physical comfort athletes prepared for the course was blown away from the storm, expected to dump up to 70 centimeters of snow this weekend.

The comp continued despite speed struggles. Riders were strong on the first kicker, yet slowed by the time the second arrived. Iouri Podladtchikov, the first Russian to be in top ranking at the US Open, pulled a steady cab 7 on the first jump, yet washed out after the landing. Shaun White barely managed a Cab 900, frontside 1080, and backside 720 mute grab. Heikki Sorsa and Kevin Pearce were solid on their 7s only on the first and second kickers.

Chas Guldemond, Heikki Sorsa, Nate Sheehan, Andreas Wiig — top-notch snowboarders of the world — yet every competitor lacked the speed needed to finish the course with impressive tricks. Most riders depended on the final run to make up for throwaways, though waiting gave worse conditions. Scotty Lago fell after his first jump.

Podladtchikov never gained speed for the third and fourth kickers. Antti Autti came back after injuring his knee on the second run, but loses pace by the third jump. White skipped the first rail to pump as much speed possible, yet still struggled by the third kicker.

Travis Rice somehow managed to complete the best run of the event. His run of a backside 7 Japan air, frontside 7 melon grab, backside rodeo 7 nosegrab and switch backside 180 awarded him first place with an 86.5 score. Rice’s TTR World Champion ranking soared to No. 4. What super wax was he using?

Janne Korpi of Finland won second with an 82.50 after one of the fewe successful runs of the event: frontside boardslide on the street rail, backside 720 mute grab, frontside 900 melon grab, Cab 720 mute grab, switch backside 720 and ending with a half Cab boardslide on the final rail. White made third with a meager 77, yet scored enough TTR points to move up to No. 1 spot in the TTR World Champion ranking. Former No. 1 holder Kevin Pearce is now at No. 2., between Rice and No. 3 Antti Autti.

The women’s finals had similar outcomes. Snowboard legend Tara Dakides was also on the list of competitors with incomplete runs and crashes. Her best run bottomed out to a 12.25 score.

Jamie Anderson was one of the few to complete and land the big course hits — she managed a frontside 180 Indy, Cab 540, Frontside 360, method air and a nose press to tail press on the last rail. She placed first with a 79. Torah Bright’s mix of 3s put her in second place with a 62 score and No. 2 with TTR rankings, and Jenny Jones placed third with just 48.25-point score.

It was a disappointing final for both riders and spectators. The only trigger for happiness? Let’s hope it’s a pow day.


Slopestyle men:
1. Travis Rice- $20,000 and a Motorola Phone as well as $5,000 for the Snickers Best Trick (bs rodeo 720)
2. Janne Korpi- $10,000 and a Motorola Phone
3. Shaun White- $5,000 and a Motorola Phone
4. Heikki Sorsa
5. Tim Humphreys
6. Antti Autti
7. Mikkel Bang
8. Chas Guldemond
9. Kevin Pearce
10. Matts Kulisek
11. Pat Moore
12. Andreas Wiig
13. Jussi Oksanen
14. Nate Sheehan
15. Iouri Podladtchikov
16. Scotty Lago

Slopestyle women:
1. Jamie Anderson- $20,000 and a Motorola Phone as well as $5,000 for the Snickers Best Trick (Cab 540)
2. Torah Bright- $10,000 and a Motorola Phone
3. Jenny Jones- $5,000 and a Motorola Phone
4. Claudia Fliri
5. Sylvia Mittermüller
6. Spencer O’Brien
7. Hana Beaman
8. Tara DaKides

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Surfing - Lær at surfe med SurfGirl!

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