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Artikel: Common Language - ny dansk skifilm

Common Language - ny dansk skifilm

Common Language - ny dansk skifilm

Så er Jakob Ebskamp klar igen med en skifilm – friske dage Polen med rails, kulde og politi.

Fra pressemeddelsen;
4 friends from 4 distinct countries joined together for a hectic street mission in the even more distinct country of Poland. Here they spent 9 long days and nights in search of snow, the best spots and the heaviest clips for their project. With help from local friends the crew got around language barriers, difficult weather and Polish police trying to sabotage the mission and they ended up doing exactly what they came to do.

‘Common Language’ shows a high level of street skiing in the fairly unknown city of Bielsko-Biala in Poland. Besides a lot of heavy and creative tricks, the film also displays documentary style filmmaking which allows the audience a behind the scenes look into the ups and downs that the skiers went through to get the job done.

During the trip the 4 friends stayed for free in a local Polish friends’ house. The house was great but didn’t have any heating or hot water. This meant that after a 12 hour day of hiking rails in the pouring rain until 4AM there was no hot shower to come home to. These extremely cold showers kept the whole crew fresh at all times and the energy high throughout the trip. All in all, big shout out to the Polish ski scene and everyone else for helping out.


Credit Name Instagram
A film by Jakob Ebskamp @jakobebskamp
Featuring Jakob EbskampChris McCormick
Christian Moser
Christian Gander
Color by Mikkel Hjort-Pedersen @mikhjort
Music by Thinking About You I – Modest
Áine – Clarissa Connelly
Why it’s Over – Clarissa Connelly
Might Be Fine – Trader
Support from LINE skis @lineskis

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