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Artikel: Danmarksmesterskaberne i Cold Hawaii


Danmarksmesterskaberne i Cold Hawaii

Kenneth Danielsen har sendt os en update efter DM i wave/freestyle I Klitmøller

“From the 20-23 October we had the Danish Wave and Freestyle Championships here in Klitmøller.

On the first day we had wave conditions in Hanstholm with 25-30 knots of wind and 2 meter waves, so the scene was set for a perfect wave contest.

The wind was a bit onshore which made it a bit hard to wave ride, so wave selection was really crucial, and most of the time picking up the right waves made the difference of winning or loosing

In all my heats I was struggling to find the right waves and I didn’t rank up as many points on my wave riding as I normally do, but I still managed to sail my way to the final. In the final I was against Klitmøller local Mads Bjørnå. He sails really well so I knew I had to sail my best to win this heat. Luckily this time I manage to time the waves just right and everything just clicked, and I sailed an almost flawless heat. I came out as the winner of the single elimination and was super stoked.

The double elimination started but after the semifinal heat the sun had gone down and it was simple to dark to continue. We didn’t get suitable wave conditions for the rest of the contest, but with only 4 heat missing in the double elimination with a counting result.

The next day we had enough wind for freestyle and we finished the single elimination. I was ones again in the final, but didn’t really sail well. The fact that I don’t train freestyle anymore really started showing. So I lost to Jens Munk in a super tight heat. The next day the wind never really kicked in so we only manage to do a supersession for the spectators. That meant I finished second in the freestyle discipline, and my 4 years winning strike ended. Big congrats to Jens Munk who is the new Danish freestyle champion.

This was my last event of this incredible year. Winning the Danish Wave Championship and finishing 11’th on the PWA Wave world tour. Couldn’t have hoped for a better year.

Now I’m looking forward to go to South Africa for the winter to train for the upcoming season. I’m super motivated and hungry for more.”

Du kan følge Kenneth på hans blog: http://kennethdanielsen.com/

Kenneth Danielsen 1, Mads Bjørnå 2, Allan Bech 3

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