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Artikel: EFPT Podersdorf / Austria 2007


EFPT Podersdorf / Austria 2007

After finishing the last 4 heats of the single elimination French Rider Nicolas Akgaczyan stands on top in Austria. As announced yesterday, the skippers was held at 8am and heat #14 was done immediately afterwards. As the conditions were not the best the race director decided to extend the heat duration to 7min.

Also the boys had to use their biggest sails and boards to show moves to the judges, the competition area was replaced a bit and as they had to go further upwind to start the head judge extended also the transition time between the heats.

The done heats were all close as the riders had troubles to start planning, but you could see super nice tricks as soon as they did.

After advancing through their previous heats, Normen Günzlein (JP/NP) and Nicolas Akgaczyan found themselves in the Final.

Both riders had to work hard to get the moves done but in the end Nicolas managed to beat his opponent!!!

The young frenchie is super stoked and just smiling from this moment on…

Also the "small" final was not a "walk in the park", Andre Paskowski (F2/North Sails) was fighting against his good friend Michi Rossmeier (Exocet/"The Loft" Sails). Andre also did the best possible in this heat and send "Rossi" to the 4th place.

As the 1st of May is a holiday in Austria the event site is again crowded and the boys are trying to use every gust to go over the ramp which stands directly in front of the beach with a super session over the ramp.

So Podersdorf is done but the event keeps running for the Kitesurfers of the PKRA !!!

Keep checking www.efpt.net as we will upload a mass of pics into the event gallery.


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