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Artikel: Ejerskifte på EFPT Touren + 07 Tour Plan


Ejerskifte på EFPT Touren + 07 Tour Plan

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Press Release

Eurpope’s biggest Freestyle Windsurfing Tour has a new owner and manager.
Mike Piechura bought the European Freestyle Tour.

After 4 years of setting up the European Tour, raising the price money from € 30’000 in 2003 to € 140’000 in 2007, after starting with 4 events and having 12 tour stops this year, with nearly 400 registered riders from over 40 nations the owners, DMG Marketing and Positive Lines, decided to pass the tour on.

Gehard Polak (DMG Marketing): “It was a great time, setting up a new windsurf tour, but now it is time to pass the tour to new owners to bring new ideas into the sport. We want to thank everybody who has helped us in the past and hope, that they will support the new owner like they did support us in the past.

Christian Mueller (Positive Lines): “When we started 4 years ago, we had a big goal. We wanted to set up the biggest Windsurf Tour in Europe. We reached our goals in 2006 and now Gerhard and I will concentrate on our big Windsurf Events Engadinwind in Silvaplana with the 30. Engadin Surf Marathon this year and the Surf Worldcup in Podersdorf and other trendsport projects such as Engadinsnow, Air&Style, freestyle.ch and many more.”

Christian Mueller is also the new CEO from MPM Switzerland and will concentrate on his new challenge.

The new owner, Mike Piechura (DaMike). He was part of the EFPT from the beginning of this project.

Mike Piechura: “After being part of a successful windsurf store in Vienna I was looking for new opportunities. I was a member of the EFPT team from day one and worked as judge, photographer, head judge and assistant of the tour management. And so I took the chance to buy the whole tour with my sponsors when DMG and Positive Lines gave me the chance to do so.”

His goals for the EFPT in the future are pretty simple. He wants to position the tour where it belongs to. The EFPT wants to bring young talents to the sport and give them the chance to compete against experienced riders. The focus will stay on the European continent, as it is the most important market in the windsurfing business, and in the vision of the new management the best way to motivate new people for the sport.

A new website will be presented before the first event; the main focus will be to present the competition and the lifestyle on tour. The media will get easier and faster access to results pictures and stories. The riders as well will have more freedom in creating their profiles and showing the visitors why Windsurfing is the best sport on the planet.

At the end of 2007 the tour will again present a EFPT champion, which in the past was a big motivation for young guns which are now competing successfully in the PWA.

Everyone is looking forward to 2007 and we hope to see you on the water.


PR & Events
tel.: +43 699 17701820

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