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Artikel: Elle MacPherson on Board


Elle MacPherson on Board

I en pressemeddelelse til den engelske børs oplyser Hot Tuna PLC at Elle MacPherson er ansat som Executive Director, hvor hun deltid i ledelsen skal hjælpe med strategierne for launch af en ny badetøjsserie.

Elle Macpherson er samtidigt indtrådt i bestyrelsen.

Det forlyder desværre også at Elle MacPherson ikke selv skal stå model i eventuelle reklamekampagner.

Så er det jo godt at Riders.dk har et Elle MacPherson galleri…

For Immediate Release:

LONDON (July 10, 2006)–Hot Tuna (International) PLC (AIM: HTT), a lifestyle apparel brand with offices in coastal Orange County, Calif., today announced the appointment of Elle Macpherson as an executive director of the Company.

Effective immediately, she joins the Board of Directors of Hot Tuna (International) PLC. Hot Tuna (International) PLC is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

In her capacity as executive director, Elle Macpherson will advise and assist with product development, brand positioning and sales strategy, and work alongside Hot Tuna’s existing management in dealings with customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

“Elle Macpherson grew-up with our brand in Australia,” noted Tim Bernardy, COO of Hot Tuna¹s USA operations. “As we set to launch our swimwear and apparel programs this month and next, her insight into the heritage of Hot Tuna, and acumen in both the design values and business of fashion, are going to be incredibly valuable.”

Elle Macpherson will additionally attend Board of Directors meetings as well as senior management and general strategic sessions. Although not working in a full-time capacity with Hot Tuna, her interests will include introducing and developing new retail relationships and heightening the Company¹s position within the lifestyle apparel industry.

Commenting on the appointment, Ranjit Murugason, Chairman of Hot Tuna, said:
“I am delighted to announce this significant appointment in the Company’s evolution. The addition of Elle Macpherson brings to Hot Tuna a dynamic dimension and appreciation of developments in surf and youth fashion and will boost awareness of the brand and significantly strengthen the Company’s consumer and business relationships.”

Commenting on her appointment, Elle Macpherson said:

“I believe this to be a maverick and dynamic union. Hot Tuna is a brand with a great Australian heritage, irreverent and edgy. It has a right to claim its place in the modern surf lifestyle market. I am delighted to have the opportunity to work with the team at Hot Tuna and be part of the innovations and energy that they have put into the re-launch of what I know will be a major success as a youth fashion surf brand.”

In association with her appointment, Elle Macpherson has been granted a number of incentive arrangements, including shares and share options in Hot Tuna.

Prior to today’s announcement, Elle Macpherson was not a director or partner, nor had she been a director or partner within the last five years, of any companies or partnerships.

About Hot Tuna (International) PLC: Born Down Under in the summer of ‘69 to serve the apparel needs of sojourning surfers, the Hot Tuna brand grew to global prominence in the Œ80s and Œ90s, and went public in the UK in Oct. 2005.

While headquartered in London, Hot Tuna (International) PLC (AIM: HTT) maintains offices in Sydney, Australia, and in Southern California in the USA.

The brand serves core retail, drawing its inspiration from international surf culture and global fashion, and the Company is committed to the timeless values that its iconic Piranha logo has come to embody: authenticity, creativity and good times.

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