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Artikel: Fiat Freestyle World cup #4


Fiat Freestyle World cup #4

Sebastien GARAT, winner of the Freestyle men first bracket

Today, the « Breva » started to blow earlier than the previous day ; then, after the skippers meeting, we directly launched the freestyle competition.

First, we finished the Freestyle women first bracket with the looser final where the Spanish rider Noelia Nunez defeated the local one Nicoletta Solda.

Then, the men final rounds : In the second semi final heat, the New Caledonian Tom Hebert defeats Giuseppe Esposito for a place in the winner final. The Italian rider also lost his heat against Florian Daubos in the looser final. The ultimate heat between Sebastien Garat against Tom Hebert turned into the advantage of the 2006 World Champion in a very high level battle !

On Garat’s side, he successively landed BackMobe 5, Blind Judge, FrontMobe, Late BackMobe, Slim Chance and SBend 3.

Hebert answered with a Backroll to blind airpass, BackMobe, Blind Judge 3, Slim Chance and Kiteloop Backloop.

Freestyle resultaterne
1stSebastien Garat (FRA)
2ndTom Hebert (NC)3rdFlorian Daubos (FRA)
4thGiuseppe Esposito (ITA)

1stHélène BARRIERE (FRA)
2nd Kristin Boese (GER)
3rd Noelia Nunez (SPA)
4th Nicoletta Solda (ITA)

After the lunch, thanks to the keep of strong conditions, we launched the freestyle men second bracket.

At 4.00 Pm, the wind suddenly picked down and the race direction decided to stop the freestyle competition before the 46th heat. All the riders were ready to continue this second bracket, waiting for good wind conditions, and at 5.30 Pm, the wind picked up again so the race direction made the decision to continue the competition until the end of the afternoon.

We may noticed the good results of Sander Lenten faced to Antoine Auriol, Mitu Monteiro from Cabo Verde, Victor Borsuk from Poland and Adrien Jaujou, the French rider who defeats his compatriot Vincent Tiger in quarter finals.
Tonight, we’re all invited for a party on the event site organized by our clothing partner “Misultine Zone”.

Next skippers meeting tomorrow at 11.00 Am with the end of the freestyle competition and the possible course racing competition.

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