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Artikel: Formula Grand Prix del 2


Formula Grand Prix del 2

On day 2 we had 2 more races in really light conditions…However only few made the 1 st. start in time, because they have this rule here that we have to go and sign on at the other end of the beach, about 4 km. Ande the wind was light…

I was just in time for the start and rounded the windward mark in 1st. place closely followed by Steve Allen… Steve passed me downwind and it was a close battle to the end…Steve in 1st. and I in 2nd.

2 nd. Race, this time it was a full fleet. I was on starboard tack and got bad since some Italian “bambi” decided to stop in front of me….However I made up good and finished in 3rd. place…

Day 3 was a long wait on the beach, and we didn’t get on the water before 16.30…

1st race I got out on Port tack, with Steve and Wojteck just below me. We where extremely close and suddenly Steve bear off and LAT-23 is coming on Starboard and we have a collision. It was one of those where there was some serious damage to his board and I felt bad of that, on the other hand I could not avoid it and its just a shame…

One accident seldom comes alone! So in the 2 race of the day I start pin end and get out really good, heading towards the beach where there is always more wind. Suddenly the wind drops to 0 knots and there is only wind on 1 side of the course. 20% of the fleet where standing on that side watching the rest sail around the course. Quite frustrating since I was one of them…

So to finish this great day I had to protests, one was dismissed and nothing happened and the other I got disqualified :-/…

Anyway, there is another day tomorrow and since Steve also had a bad day its now very close in the top 3… only 2 points between us all and with a late seabreeze tomorrow everything can happen…

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Rettelse vedr. NM i Nyborg

Så er den nye plaket for NM kommet og disciplinen er rettet til KUN at være formula..

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Wave/freestyle d. 14.-15. juni

DBO (Dansk Brætsejler Organisation) inviterer pressen til WINDSURFSTÆVNE i disciplinerne WAVE PERFORMANCE og FREESTYLE d. 14.-15. juni i det europæiske Hawaii - Klitmøller.

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