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Artikel: Forum Film Battle - Results!


Forum Film Battle - Results!

Morten Byskov: Fresh editing and getting the essense of snowboarding cos it’s fun
Forum Film Battle 2008 – Morten Byskov

Bjarne Gram: That boy can kill some rails, dope editing and super fresh energetic film!
Forum Film Battle 2008 – Bjarne Gram

Marc Jørgensen: Pretty sweet – I wonder how many people who work for Sprite actually snowboard. Nice intro and good ‘after effects’ tricks.
Forum Film Battle 2008 – Marc Jørgensen

Mads Skriver: Jesus! Is that Moby? I thought he disappeared in the 90’s! Yea dog, you look like you’re having a good time but I can understand that the music made you lie down in the end. Again, nice intro and good cutting to the ‘music’.
Forum Film Battle 2008 – Mads Skriver

Noels & Anders: Yea, well, there’s no questioning wether or not you boys can ride! Fresh film, fresh song, fresh tricks except I have to say you should save the 7’s for bigger jumps so it don’t look like a
hurricane. But FUCK YEA, you guys rule!
Forum Film Battle 2008 – Noels & Anders

Tomas Kamp: Well, I’m not really sure what to make of the intro but I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time. So you can boardslide huh? Holy shit there was one in there amongst the 45 boardslides that was pretty damn long. Well done.
Forum Film Battle 2008 – Tomas Kamp

Henrik Kaarsholm: DUDE!! You make me wanna go riding! Dope one- footer, nice style and cool intro. It’s seems a shame with all that forum, h4 boardshop crap that you had to put in there at the start.
Forum Film Battle 08 – Henrik Kaarsholm

Jannik Devantier: All that work and there was only one trick! A twirly wirly on the box, it don’t really think it counts when you bail behind the landing. I like the idea of the stop-motion animation and the snowboard guy but I was just wondering one thing. Are you sponsored by total video converter http://effectmatrix.com or what?
Don’t get me wrong though, I think your film is dope!
Forum Film Battle 08 – Jannik Devantier

So I think I’m gonna cause discussions for weeks with my choices, but we kinda made it hard on ourselves by designing the competition the way we did. Now what you need to remember is this isn’t a snowboard competition, but a film competition and actually it was pretty hard cos Anders and Noels are ripping real good, Bjarne kills rails like no-one else and Henrik’s film made me wanna ride RIGHT NOW. So yea, the production is real tight in a lot of the films so without trying to sound like a kindergarten pædagog, you guys all made really fucken wicked films which were 100 times better than a lot of the stuff we got last year. Maybe next year we’ll have Mack Dawg knocking on the
door already!.

Here’s the winners:
Overall Film: Call me crazy but Henrik Kaarsholm takes the cake!
Basically after watching them all through a few times I figured that this film was the best ‘all round’ film, sweet editing, sweet tunes and some pretty good riding.

Best Trick: Yea, there were a few in there that gave me a semi, and I never thought I’d award the best trick for something done on a rail (since you guys mostly prefer rails to jumps). Yea 720’s are dope,
yea misty’s are dope but they gotta be BIG or they look wacky, sorry but it is what it is. Best trick goes to Bjarne Gram for his boardslide to front board to fakie on that super long double box.

It’s ballsy, clean and also changes colour halfway through! Well done dog, I couldn’t do that shit!

Best Production: yea yea, you guys had a fucken awesome film too but you couldn’t go winning everyting now could you? The intro was killer, good oldschool beats and a handful of tricks the others couldn’t do. A sick all-round film but you’re gonna have to make do with best ProDo. Noels and Anders!

Joker Prize: Yea dog, I couldn’t let this whole thing go past without mentioning that mad-as-hell forward flip gap thing on Tomas Kamp’s film. What the fuck? If Forum made yo-yo’s then you could get one of them but since they don’t then we’re gonna hook you up with some goodies for your courage: A six pack, a hood and a tee.

Peace and we’re looking forward to some kickass films next year. Thanks to everyone who participated this year.

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// Nick H4 boardshop

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