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Yo listen up foolios, you get this in English cos if I write in Danish no-one’s gonna know what the hell’s going on.

We finally sorted our shit out and make some decisions. Firstly we want to say a huge THANK YOU to all participants, filmers, riders, Mum’s and Dad’s, Riders.dk, and your sister and your girlfriend. THANKS A BAZILLION!!! And Young Buck for setting this film comp up. Word up Buck!

I’m probably going to sound like a wanker, but I mean what I’m saying in the most positive way. Everyone has an opinion and unfortunately for you, it’s our one that counts. So if we get it wrong, we’re real sorry but please don’t throw eggs at my house.

Here’s a rundown of the films with some comments on each of them after myself and Mikkel A have watched them hundreds of times.

FILM 1: Jens Langermann
You guys just love doing flips on to your head. Nice semi-gay theme with some good close up of ski dudes getting bronzed. Oh look, there was some snowboarding too.

FILM 2: Michael (Medvirkende: Mikkel Olsen, Ado Møller og Michael)
Funky fresh riding. Refreshing to see not just rails but kickers too. Did you land that spin to win? Nice editing but weak soundtrack yo.

FILM 3: Frederik Conradsen
Yo Freddy, Nice rails, dope soundtrack – fresh urban steez.

FILM 4: Jacob Lau (Medvirkende: Rasmus, Silas og Jacob)
When I first saw this I thought you guys were riding monoskis. DAMN ! Those stances are tight!! I’m diggin yo ballsy steez with benchslide-to-concrete wall. You guys invented the future of snowboarding!!

FILM 5: Jonas Klein
Apart from the fact that this is the best instructional video I’ve ever seen for boardslide to fakie, the editing is super fresh&fruity. Call Volcom and get a job over there editing films. Hell yea!!

FILM 6: Bjarne Gram (Medvirkende: Johnni Pihl)
What can I say? I’m feeling the lifestyle and missing the days where you ONLY got 35 cms of powder so you chill for the morning and go up for a couple of runs in the afternoon. Nice film guys.

FILM 7: Christoffer Hove (Medvirkende: Sune BJ)
Christoffer mayn!! Get a job filming for those guys who make the X-games. I’m digging your style. You should be filming the big dogs.

FILM 8. Jakob Fenger (Medvirkende: Frederik Conradsen og Niels Ettrup)

URBAN SCHNIZZLE YO!! Loving your fun-from-anything attitudes. Good work. Again with good juicy sounds.

FILM 9: Anders Devantier (Medvirkende: Anders Devantier og Niels Dawartz)
There’s something about small white gangsters that turns me on. Is that Denver in the background?? You got some steezy picnic table jibbing going on doggs. How do you say nice in your language? BOOM!!

FILM 10: Rasmus Falck Larsen (Medvirkende: Rasmus, Egil og Kennth)
Super rad editing. Dope megamix soundtrack. What’s up with all these crazy tight stances in Denmark? No offense but if you’re gonna do a tailfish, leave the grab alone and just do a steezy ollie instead!! And if you HAVE to do a tailfish, don’t film it. Awesome film though guys. Word.

OK. I’m tired of listening to myself too so you get the winners here.

1st place !!! Rasmus Falck Larsen – Film 10
2nd place Michael – Film 2

3rd place Anders Devantier – Film 9

4th place Jacob Lau – Film 4
5th place – Bjarne Gram – Film 6

Don’t hate alright, that’s the way the cookie crumbled. Let do this again next year, get filming already!!

And to all you foolios that don’t ride FORUM, get with the program already….

One last thing, what’s up with writing what set-up you ride on the blog thing, who cares anyways what colour pants you got from what brand…go snowboarding instead of worrying about what you look like in the mirror.

Love and cuddles


(Board: Crazy Creek. Bindings: Flow. Boots: Flipflops. Jacket: SOS Xtreme triangle shirt. Hat: Blue. Pants: No. Googles: why? Mirror in pocket: Yes.)

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