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Artikel: Foster's Surf Showdown


Foster's Surf Showdown

What’s this?

It’s new, it’s exciting and you will love it! In its first season the Foster’s Surf Showdown will pit the world’s best surfers against one another in an innovative nation versus nation battle royale.

Running in conjunction with the Foster’s ASP World Tour, the Foster’s Surf Showdown will see six teams from five surfing regions including Australia, Brazil, USA, South Africa, Hawaii plus a team from the new school crew of Foster’s 45 Rookies slug it out at each of the 10 elite-tour venues for top nation honors.

Current Ratings

1st – Team Foster’s Rookies – 1200 pts
2nd – Team Australia – 1032 pts
3rd – Team USA – 876 pts
3rd – Team South Africa – 876 pts
5th – Team Brasil – 732 pts
5th – Team Hawaii – 732 pts

So how does it work?

Each team will be captained by Tom Whitaker (AUS), Victor Ribas (BRA) Taylor Knox (USA), Greg Emslie (ZAF), Pancho Sullivan (HAW) and Josh Kerr (AUS – Foster’s Rookie) respectively.

The six teams will select two representatives per event to compete as a team for pride, points and a cash prize total of $US4000!

The format:

Two semi-final heats of 30 minutes with three teams competing at time. Both team members will hit the water to take the biff to their foes.

The final will consist of the two semi final winners and it’s here that the duel to reign supreme will take place.

How does it run?

Each of the heats will be a minimum of 25 minutes in duration (maybe more depending on how sick the waves are) with the surfing’s ultimate athletes being allowed to catch as many waves as they wish. The best wave from each team member will be counted in the final tally…

But that’s not all!

Team members must ride a wave in tandem! That’s right… They can ride as many waves together as they wish but only the best will be counted. This alone will be a feat to watch!

What if there is a tie?

If there is a tie it will be broken by including the highest 3rd individual ride out of the two competitors.

Who scores the cash?

The total prize money on offer is US$4,000 per event with 3,000 US big ones going to 1st and another lazy US 1000 going to second.

At the end of the year a further US$8,000 will be placed in the hands of the team holding fort at the top of the ratings.

Ratings Points

The points handed out will be exactly the same as what is given at Foster’s ASP World Tour events, which stands at…

1st – 1200
2nd – 1032
3rd – 876
5th – 732

But how will it work on the heavier waves?
Due to the “risk” involved in at the Billabong Pro Tahiti, Rip Curl Search Chile and The Billabong Pro Pipeline Masters, where it will be reasonably impossible for two riders to take off on a wave in tandem teams will be represented by only one competitor.

The two semi-final heats will have three teams, one final with two teams with the top two scores to be counted.

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