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Artikel: Game On!!


Game On!!

Summer is always a busy time in Denmark. You know what I mean: See friends, attend parties, legoland, late afternoon glass of wine at the beach, summer clothing ( yeah! ) and of course, SURF!! in a not so cold water.

Sitting in our car, waiting for the ferry in Esbjerg ( me and my daughters Bjørk and Siv ) in our way to attend our friend Gorm Sigaard summer party in Fanø, I heard: Hi Eddie!!

Guess what? It was big Tony with his family also on their way to spend a week in Fanø.

We went straight into the cacht up thing and out of the blue, the surf topic came along ( yeah right, we never talk about waves ot surf ! )

Tony pin pointed at it was a solid NW swell on the way down and that it was going to hit Danmark the day after.
To confirm this, I ringed my partner in water crimes Henrik at the surf shop in Hvide sande.
He said: Eddie , I am looking at it right now and it looks sick!

12 seconds periods with a changing wind in the next day or so ( Off shore boys! )

Well guys, you know the feeling. Butterflies started to go off in my stomach.

Next morning I went to the shop. Henrik was hyper as ever and already organising a trip to Klitmøller later in the afternoon. I looked at the models and I knew at that moment that I needed to be in that trip.

Game On!

Shit! What about work ? ( I had to work that night ), What about my daughters ? ( they are staying with me for the summer holidays ).


When you got to go, you got to go. I phoned Martin ( Malle ) wich is my co-worker at Mr. Beef. He, as always delivered. I called my ex-mother in law and she also delivered. I was ready to go.

By 18:00 PM we were all set.

Katy cooked a very tasty chicken curry to take on the way. I packed our quivers and we just 2 minutes before departure, we catched the ferry from Thyborøn to Agger.

Dinner on the road

We checked a few spots on the way, but the wind was still side shore/on shore, but the begining of the swell was here already.

Rune Sørensen was in Klitmøller and he suggested that Nr. Vørupor was the best choice.

We arrived and it was O.K. with shoulder high waves and only 40 surfers in the water.

The wind was changing, so we decided to stay and surf for a little while.

The session was fun with the occasional barrel and a couple off the lips.

Eddie ruling

Henrik Flying

Katy went ballistic on her back hand ( not that many lefts in Hvide Sande ), Henrik got a few nice right handers further down the line and I was lucky to get a super desent tube.


The wave of the day went to Christian Rønn. A super nice left hander. He shredded it!

After a 2 hours session, Katy went back to Hvide Sande due that she needed to go to work next morning very early( at least one of us is responsible! ). Henrik and I were to stay until next morning and wait for the swell to hit better bunkers ( we were sure that it was going to be as good as that day that we had at the volcom contest 3 years ago ).

Christian Rønn

We met Mike at the parking lot and we discussed a little bit the swell. We all agreed that it was not what we were expecting and Mike pointed out that the swell was moving fast south.
Hmmm… Are we going to get skunked?

After a beer, we went to check bunkers. Our buddy Rune was there ( almost dark ). Rune is a wind guru and he didn´t believe that bunkers was the call ( next morning the wind it was supposed to be from the NE ). After a few minutes, we all agreed to go south.

Fjeltring was the destination and after a few hours ( we got lost in the middle of nowhere! Thanks to Henriks GPS System onboard we escaped that nightmare ).

Rune, Henrik, Asbjørn and I were shocked to see so many Germans trucks were there already! 6 of them!

Asbjørn killing it

But the swell was here already and pumping!

Time to sleep. The only problem was that I forgot some ear plugs that I normally carry with me so people don’t need to listen to my snorring

Anyway, he was so tired that he slept like a baby ( He did mumble a couple of times the word Katy which got me worried for a little while, then I felt sleep ).
Rune as always, was the guy collecting the crew. It was 06:00 AM for fuck sake Rune!

Bad news! To much backwash and super high tide.

Fuck! All this hassle for nothing? We called Hvide Sande and it was very good and clean.

We laugh a little bit after the fact that we were going to surf our home break and off we were.

Of course, we needed to check Thorsminde.

Dont you just love ground swell?

Rune riding

Arriving at the place, I just heard this huge scream from Henrik, then I knew: GAME ON!

I think I will take this one..

4-5 foot , off shore winds and tons of barrels.
I wont spend much time taking writing how much the guys were loving it or how much damage they were producing to the waves. I will let the photos do the talking.

After 5 hours, we left. Rune needed to attend some work related meetings, Henrik was already late for the wind surf school, Asbjørn was in not rush but still needed to go back to Sjælland and I needed to collect my kids.

My ex-mother in law will be rewarded by getting all her winter fire wood inside her storage room, my kids got the biggest kiss and a bunch of flowers ( they still don’t know why I gave them that! ) and Martin will get an expensive bottle of wine as soon as I can afford it.

I just love this life.

Rune looking like Kelly!

Eddies buttomturn left

Hang in there Eddie!

Eddies buttomturn right

Henrik showing us some fins

I want some



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