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Artikel: Interview med Alex Mussolini E-30


Interview med Alex Mussolini E-30

Navn: Alex Mussolini
Sejl nr: E-30
Alder: 21 år
Back yard: Barcelona
Sponsorer: JP, Neil Pryde; PLASMA

Surfbil: Golf VR6

Alex er født i Argentina, men har boet i Spanien næsten hele sit liv.

Han startede med at windsurfe da han var 8 år gammel.

Efter et godt gennembrud sidste år, hvor Alex vandt Aloha Classic på Maui, er han en af de mest spændende spanske sejlere med sin flydende og specielle stil med tweakede backloops.

Alex er pt. placeret som nr. 20 på PWA´s Wave rangliste. En placering han deler med Ricardo Campello og Klaas Voget.

Vi har et friskt interview med Alex som nu er atter er tilbage i Barcelona.

How has the Grand Canaria Grand Slam been for you?
Like every year, very strong wind and nice waves, the conditions were nice but I did not get the result that I wanted.

Do you enjoy life on the PWA Tour?
It’s nice to be for a couple of weeks with the best sailors in one spot, and sail it. Usually when I meet them I have a great time with them. The only problem is that we are far from home, this way I get to know people and cultures.

Any tricks in particular you feel you have really improved this season?
All the wave tricks i have improved them a lot, the wave riding has gone to better on the last year and that feels good especially at Hookipa.

Any new favourite tricks?
The Wave 360 and just a nice Tweaked Aerial.

Back in January we saw you do some of the highest jump at the London Indoor. It looked like you really knew how to hit the ramp. Tell us something about hitting that solid ramp compared to rolling waves?
The ramp is very hard, as soon as you hit the ramp it doesn’t feel nice on your feet and board. The wind is gusty and the only good thing is that the ramp doesn’t move hahaha. I liked it better this year because it was my second year in the indoor. The difference to rolling waves is that you need to have the timing before the wave breaks too much, the wind on the ocean is usually steady so you have move control and space as soon as you hit the wave. The ramp in the indoor is also very difficult because if you don’t fit the fin inside the rail, you are fu…..!

You went two years to Maui at the age of 14. Your parents must really support your windsurfing?
They have been supporting me since I started windsurfing. I have to say that my father also windsurfs so that helps a lot. My mother didn’t support that much at the beginning.

We have in an earlier interview with Frank Diaz E-200 heard about how the Canarian Municipal supports their best Athletes. Are you receiving any support like that from Cataluña or maybe Spain?
The Canary Islands are supporting a lot of windsurfers because people know more about windsurfing than here in Cataluña, but I am not looking for support because we don’t get as much support as in the Canary Islands.

What are your plans for the rest of the season? Any trips planned?
We are planning some sick trips but I cannot tell you here because I don’t want people to know yet (sorry!)

Do you prefer competition or freesailing?
Alex: Of course freesailing I can show more than in 10 minute heats.

You just signed a deal with the Danish based clothing label PLASMA. Tell us about this.
I have a good relationship with Robert for a long time now, and he told me about it for some time now, and I love the idea of a new brand with sick ideas and riders. Plasma has other young talented guys that are pushing in their sports. The clothes they are building are fresh and radical. A good mix for success.

Any chance we are gonna see you in Denmark soon?
I hope to travel to Denmark. Maybe before Sylt of after. I hope I can check it out!

OK thanks Alex, maybe we see you here!

Det er stadig ikke bekræftet om Alex Mussolini vil bruge NSP Soulfiles i Klitmøller som opvarmning til PWA stævnet på Sylt…

One Handed Backloop

Arched Backloop

Auto Rotator

Tweaked Pushloop

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