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Artikel: Jägermeister Wave Riderz


Jägermeister Wave Riderz

Pressemeddelse fra Jägermeister Wave Riderz

The first edition of the Jägermeister Wave Riderz event on the dutch island of Vlieland was blessed with good conditions and great atmosphere. There was serious action on the water on all the four event days and also full on party action in the local pub at night. The unique combination of a contest and a trip was a great success, also because Vlieland is a very special location. It is a small dutch island where it is not allowed to drive a car unless you are a local. Vlieland is known for the beautifull nature, and it’s is also special because of the nice wave conditions and the fact that it normally has a more wind then elsewhere in the country. And that’s what everybody was hoping for.

The trip to Vlieland
Wednesday the riders, crew and media gathered in the harbour of Harlingen around the 2 ships that would bring them to the island of Vlieland. A truckload of windsurf and kiteboard equipment went on the two sailing ships that had a total capacity of 64 persons. With nice warm and sunny wetter the 2 ships headed to Vlieland. During the trip the wind picked up what shortened the duration of the journey a bit. The riders made it comfortable for themselves and the first glasses filled with Jägermeister where emptied. After arrival the kiteboarders immediately went for an evening session till dark. In the meanwhile cook Arthur prepared a fine meal to fill the hunger. Most of the group ended the day in local pub ‘De Zeevaert’.

Action on the water
The next day two army trucks transported the riders to the Vliehors, close to the military camp. The equipment was already brought there before by local driver Willem. The wind was picking up and after arrival the first kiteboarders went sky high. At the Jägermeister Wave Riderz there are two disciplines for the windsurfers as well as for the kiteboarders; Big Air & Waveriding. The race directors decided to go for the Big Air contest. For the windsurfers the wind was still a bit too low, but the kiteboarders could start their heats. It was impressive to see them fly so high. Kevin Langeree showed his style and said hello to one of the windsurfers while jumping 10 meters over him but couldn’t win from Christiaan Brouwer who took the first place. Henk Hendrikse took the third place with his overpowered 12m Kite. The wind become stronger and stronger, so also the windsurfers could start. Kevin Mevissen showed hiss skills on the waves and took the first place in this category before Nikaj Droop & Ben van der Steen.

Friday morning brought serious waves to the shores of Vlieland. The basecamp this time was the Badhuys. Unfortunately the wind died slowly. But the kiteboarders could do a waveride super session. This super session was won by Kevin Langeree. The rest of the day the riders went surfing till it was time to go to the boats where the meal already was waiting.
Saturday started at the Badhuys with no wind. But the waves where still there for a nice surf session. During the day the wind slowly picked up. Finally both windsurfers and kiteboarders started the official eliminations in the wave discipline. The kiteboarders could finish their elimination just before dark, but because of the decreasing wind the windsurfers could not finish the final. Especially for the kiteboarders it was exciting as this was the first ever wave contest in The Netherlands. During the kiteboard heats the most impressive riders where Kevin Langeree, Davis Helvesteijn & Henk Hendrikse

Sunday’s intention was to start with a downwinder from the Vliehors to the Badhuys. Unfortunately the trucks could not drive the whole track as on some parts the water was too high. Therefore the safety could not be guaranteed and the decision was made to stay on location. The windsurfers finished the wave discipline in difficult conditions while the kiteboarders went on the water for a freeride session. The wave discipline was finally won by Nikaj Droop, just before Kevin Mevissen and Martin ten Hoeve.

Action at night
In the evenings it went off in the local pub ‘De Zeevaert’ with four days non stop party for most of the riders. The evening sessions where a tough battle for some of the riders. But everybody was awake and on time for breakfast the next morning (some of them even without sleeping)

On Friday the crew and riders went on a campfire trip. The army trucks took the riders and crew to the beach where Karel of Surfvlieland took together a bunch of wood wich he put in flames. An even in the rain the fire and Jägermeister kept the riders nice an warm.

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