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Artikel: King of the S.N.O.W. #2


King of the S.N.O.W. #2

Du kan blive kongen af sneen. Det kræver bare at du kopiere pro’ernes moves, optager det og smider det online. Som vinder af Quiksilver King of S.N.O.W. får man 5.000 amerikanske dollars og naturligvis en masse fame & glory.

Deltag i konkurrencen lige ved at klikke dig in på: http://snow.besttrick.com/contest/king-of-snow

I denne uge skal man sætte en frontside 360 tailgrab sat af Tadej Valentan (Anden runde).


All given tricks of this contest were performed by professionals. Please don’t try to copy them on the same level if you’re not capable to handle it. Do not overestimate yourself! We’re pretty sure it’s much more fun to learn on a lower level and ride away successfully than bringing the session to an abrupt ending by a stay in hospital. Thanks and have fun with a virtual session!

1. Every second Monday, a top-snowboarder presents a trick for you to imitate.

2. You have a maximum of two weeks to redo the trick. Please upload the video-sequence of your trick to www.king-of-snow.com. A countdown shows the time left for uploads.

3. During a round, all other users are able to rate your trick, even if they’re not taking part by themselves.

4. The one who does the trick best and scores the highest ratings, wins the round. The winner will be presented with a valuable price immediately and is mentioned in the news-sections of the media partners worldwide.

5. The ratings of the single tricks sum up to the Quiksilver King of S.N.O.W-Ranking. Who owns the highscore and is on first place after the contest is over, is crowned Quiksilver King of S.N.O.W and pockets the first prize.

6. If you can’t manage to finish a trick within the time stated or if a trick isn’t completely done or finished in a clean way (if your hand or another bodypart is touching the ground, or it isn’t clearly identifiable whether you rode away or not), you’ll get a letter.

7. If this happens to you four times and you collected the sequence of four letters S.N.O.W, you’re out of the contest and your points forfeit. So you can’t bail more than three tricks. Make it four bails and you’re out!

8. You’re free to choose where in the world and on whatever obstacle you want to redo the trick (for example: if a trick was made on a kicker in the first place, you have to do it on a kicker too, but you can use whatever kicker you want – park or backcountry, you choose. Same thing for rails, and so on). Better skills and style will surely convince the audience to grant you more points.

9. You can join the contest until the fourth given trick is on… But you will get a letter for every missed one. If you enter in round #3, two tricks will be over by then, so you get letters "S" and "N", but still will have a chance to be crowned Quiksilver King of S.N.O.W and score first prize.

10. The voting for your tricks end, when the period for uploading is over. So upload your tricks as early as possible and more people will have a chance to vote for you.

11. To take part, you will need your own BESTTRICK-account on BESTTRICK.COM.

12. All tricks uploaded by you, have to be done by you personally. Please SHOW YOUR FACE directly after you made a trick, give us a smile right into the cam. Footage on which you cannot be identified, will be declined.

13. Older and already uploaded videos on BESTTRICK.COM won’t be accepted, since you should redo tricks, not give them.

14. Our fair-playing judges will decide whether a trick counts or not. This decision will be correct – and is final.

15. If you don’t observe these rules, you will be banned from the contest.

16. The organizers are not liable for any human injury or material damage.

17. There is no legal recourse.

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