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Artikel: KPWT - New Caledonia


KPWT - New Caledonia


1 – Sébastien Garat – 3322 pts
2 – Vincent Tiger – 3042 pts
3 – Antoine Auriol – 2962 pts
4 – Thomas Cocquelet – 2342 pts


1 – Gisela Pulido – 3700 pts
2 – Julie Simsar – 3542 pts
3 – Noelia Nunez – 2322 pts
4 – Paloma G. Gonzalez – 1982 pts

News fra New Caledonia

Few days before the KPWT Finals, let’s make a point on the various KPWT rankings and see what may happen during these kiteboarding finals, hold in Noumea, New Caledonia.
In the Junior division, the World Champions are already known… Indeed, after their good results along the KPWT season, Florian DAUBOS for men and Gisela PULIDO for women are coming in Noumea without any stress as far as the Junior World Titles are concerned. They’re assured to be awarded at the end of this week of full action.

On the seniors men side, all is still possible and the first three – Garat, Tiger and Auriol – will have to fight to obtain the first place and then be awarded KPWT WORLD CHAMPION 2006. For the next seats, nothing is done yet and it assures us a great show and huge battles between all outsiders like the 2005 World Champion Thomas Cocquelet, Mickael Fernandez or Tyrone Rawlins, the 2006 KPWT revelation.

On the women side, the finals will be as passionated as the men’s ones. Indeed, with less than 200 points between the first two, the Noumea Kitesurf Pro will decide who’s the best female rider of the year, after a great season in which Julie Simsar and Gisela Pulido have been neck and neck since Italy ! For the third place, will Noelia Nunez keep her seat in the podium ? For sure, we’ll have to count on her compatriot Paloma Guerrero, who did excellent results all the season long.

This 2006 Wave Masters season would have been the most exciting one since its begenning. Indeed, two riders are expecting the first place : Jose Luengo, Wave Masters champion 2005 …and Vincent Tiger, the French champion 2005, only 100 points behind, who’s ready to change rules for his first year in KPWT thanks to his victory in Morocco and his 2nd place in the Guincho Wave Masters. Moreover, we will assist a great fight for the third place between the Spanish Salvador Carballal and the South African Tyrone Rawlins. Ouano and its perfect waves will be the theater of this Wave Masters finals…

Who will be awarded Wave Masters Champion on the women side ?
What is sure is that everything is possible for the first four; Indeed, Ainhoa Garcia is the current leader of this wave riding season after her good results in Morocco and in Portugal but she’ll have to defeats serious outsiders like the French Aurelia Herpin, the Welsh Kirsty Jones or her compatriot, the Spanish Paloma Guerrero if she wants to keep her first place…
Moreover, Julie Simsar will be there to proove she’s also an excellent wave rider… It promises us a great wave event !

Once again, Vincent Tiger seems to be the riders of the season; Indeed, currently at the first place in the Speed Crossing ranking thanks to very nice success in Greece and Morocco, he’s almost assured to be awarded in Noumea. Nonetheless, the Moroccan champion Soufiane Hamaini keeps a little chance to win the world title but he’ll have to be very carefull about Antoine Auriol, Miguel Willis or Mickaël Fernandez, ready to fight for a place on the overall podium…

Gisela Pulido will also have to count on very experimented riders like Julie Simsar, Paloma Guerrero or Aurelia Herpin if she wants to keep her leadership during this week and the traditional Speed Crossing race between the Meridian Beach and Amedee Lighthouse. The first three final places are still open… who’s going to climb the first step ?
All the answers to these question on the 3rd of next December !!!

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