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Artikel: Marcio Franssa Surf Lessons


Marcio Franssa Surf Lessons

Marcio, you came to Klitmøller last September for the Soulfiles event and
won it! Tell how you remember it?
Was such a great experience specially when I got to know all those young kids
surfing and having fun. I just decided to donate my prices to them… Was
Great !!!

Soon after you came back to Klitmøller?
I went there to develop a Coach Programme for this year
2007 and make a movie about the kids… Everything was great, the movie had
such an impact for the Local Community and made good things come together for
the development of surfing on that area

And now youre coming back again?
Yeah, definitely I am going next week to Klitmøller to get started with a One Week Specific Surfing Coach for the Spring Battle for all those kids from Klitmøller…

What is it with you and the Klitmøller Kids?
Basically I am more focused with the kids from Klitmøller because, it was the most beautiful initiative and motivation that I had last year. The time spend here after winning the Soulfiles… I hope I can help the kids is specific to push up the level of competition and Life Saving on the West coast.

What have you been doing this winter?
I just went to Indo for 3 month for filming and helping the Tsunami relieve
Victims and also the fight against Malaria on the Mentawais Islands together with
Surfaid International Group, was great…(www.surfaidinternational.org)
That area of the globe is my favourite Surfing wise and the swell is always
pumping… The experience of another season in Indonesia was unique, I did
Three short films about the things that I love most Surfing !!!

What are you doing right now?
At the moment I am getting in touch with the BSA UK (British Surfing Association United Kingdom) I just got my membership card and certification of Pro Coach and Lifeguarding yesterday and with that, I am ready to help more and more the Surfing growing in the right direction in Denmark !!!

What’s up in 2007?
This year, my goals is to Rock in the WQS events more than the years before! Specially because I of got a good sponsor now and I am a ASP Pro Surf Tour Europe Member… Ready to compete the main events like the 4, 5 and 6 Stars events because is more money in the Prizes…

Surf Lessons in Klitmøller

Hvis du lige vil pudse formen af inden Surfersjournal Spring Battle, kan du skrive til Marcio og signe dig op til en 3 timers session

The place is Klitmøller, next week from 30 April to 03 May (before the Contest…)

What: I will offer Personal Professional Surf Coach Training for anyone that wants to step up in Surfing in small groups of people…

Price: My price as an Professional Surf Coach is 50€ one Session of three hours, non included Surf material
I got a Professional Certification to teach any level of surfing.

How: People can book in with me by mail Marcio_f77@hotmail.com or find me in Klitmøller. I think the shop is a good place to hang out and the Mike`s House as well, Specially Mike`s House is the kids meeting ground….

Marcio og Casper Steinfath foran Mike’s House denne vinter

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