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Artikel: Mavericks Wetsuit


Mavericks Wetsuit

This limited edition 4/3 full suit is a specially developed, co-branded version of Hotline’s top-of-the-line Phoenix. Hand-built in Santa Cruz by experts who know both Big and Cold, the Official Mavericks Wetsuit™ is tough enough to handle the harsh realities of Mavericks, yet versatile enough to perform no matter where you choose to challenge yourself in the cold stuff.

The Mavericks Suit features Hotline’s trademark front-zip entry design, anti-flush waterways, and new, exclusive Metalitape seams – all features designed to satisfy Hotline riders like Darryl ‘Flea’ Virostko, Zach Wormhoudt, Shawn ‘Barney’ Barron, and Sarah Gerhardt. The suit also features a one-of-a-kind graphics package based on the exclusive competitor-only wetsuits presented to this year’s official Mavericks Surf Contest® invitees.

Want to charge harder, stay out longer, and feel more comfortable doing it? Meet your new cold-water wetsuit. Mavericks™ — Built for the Wave Beyond.

  • Available in both Mens and Womens sizes.
  • Available in 4 stitching colors — red, white, grey or black.

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50 Knob - Gran Canaria’s Epic High-Wind Factory, Pozo Izqueirda, er trimmet og klar til at give fuld action fra tirsdag morgen!

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