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Artikel: North Sails siger farvel


North Sails siger farvel

North Sails have just released a statement formally announcing the official departure of three of their biggest riders. Released from the North Sails international team are Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Peter Volwater, and Taty Frans. This move will take effect from the start of 2009.

North Sails have released this statement:

“Unfortunately we were not able to renew the sponsorship agreements for the following international North Sails team riders. They will leave North Sails by the end of this year and go for new challenges. Björn, Peter and Taty were all big assets for our international team. North Sails especially thank them for their great job they did and wish them good luck for their future as pro windsurfers.”

With much speculation in the windsurfing transfer markets, this comes as the first major team reshuffle from one of the big players. Historically, we’re likely to see plenty more chopping and changing over the coming months, as contracts typically run in alignment with the calendar year.

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Me, Myself & Todd Richards.

Legenden Todd Richards har i samarbejde med filmskaberne Back Ground en "snocumentary" på trapperne, med fokus på Richards mangeårige indflydelse og hans påvirkning af snowboard-miljøet.

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Vindstille til speed

Tiden er blevet brugt på at fortælle røverhistorier og andet fis. Igår var vi ude og spille paintball. good fun !!!! med en masse blå mærker.

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