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Artikel: Nye Dragon 08 goggles


Nye Dragon 08 goggles


Dragon has yet again dug deep into the bowels of freshness and proudly announces its limited mid season release snow goggles.

For all of you NOMIS fans out there, compliment your kit with this limited NOMIS CO-OP Series MACE goggle laced in Simon Chamberlain’s signature plaid print. The MACE is currently one of the most technically advanced goggles on the market featuring our Toric Lens System and helmet compatible Hinge System complete with a 2-inch strap.

Meet the newest addition to our ever so popular Vice Series- the “Tie Die” DX. Supposedly this goggle is so hot, it’s smoking- literally. This groovy goggle includes an amber replacement lens and matching hippie pouch equipped with a “recreational” alligator clip.

Come and get it ladies! What better of a trend to indulge in than delicious ice cream? Our new Neapolitan Series DXS will tastefully satisfy any of your deepest, darkest ice cream desires. The DXS possesses all features found in the DX yet is specifically designed for both women and youth in mind. Goggle comes complete with an amber replacement lens.

Dragon is a global youth lifestyle brand worn by the world’s most elite musicians and athletes in surfing, snowboarding, motocross, skateboarding, racing, BMX, wakeboarding and skiing. For more information on Dragon, visit www.Dragonalliance.com

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