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Artikel: Press release - Simmer Team 2008


Press release - Simmer Team 2008


The 2008 Simmer team is locked in, brand manager and head sail designer
Tomas Persson has hand-picked the world’s most promising sailors to be part of the
Simmer family.

“This year we have put together a group of young and dynamic riders. Together with our more experienced sailors we have an unlimited source, knowledge and understanding
of modern windsurfing. We have some new faces on board and there is a really good
atmosphere on the team. We are looking forward to an exciting year.” Tomas Persson.


Team captain is none other than legendary rider Kai “Flykatcher” Katchadourian (US-33) who’s been a part of the Simmer Style team for the past 20 years. We´re stoked to have someone like Kai stay on board.

Victor Fernandez (E-42), no presentation needed, more motivated than ever, Victor says there is only one goal this year – The World Title!!!

Jonas Ceballos (E- 40), it’s well know that he is one of best jumpers in the world, this year his goal is to prove himself as one of the top wave riders also. Jonas says he is excited for this year, feeling more mentally and physically prepared than ever for the upcoming PWA season.

Maui based rider Rudy Castorina says: “Representing Simmer at the mythic Ho’okipa beach park, means a lot to me. It means I am part of a solid crew that likes to be hardcore and charge in radical conditions. Also a solid brand that has been around for many, many years and here on Maui where Simmer Style was born; it has a strong foundation that I like to support. I am proud to be part of the Simmer Team.”

Maui local, Francisco Porcella (US69) says “Simmer has a great team and I’m happy to be part of it! I just joined Mistral and can’t wait to produce pictures and footage for the internet and the magazines. I am working on the “pushloop-forward” and can’t wait to get it on video or photo sequence, or to do it in a heat… I want to get more people to learn and enjoy our beautiful sport. Our video from Indo with Fabrice and Sylvain doing the music and editing is coming out real soon, and it’s definitely going to give a different vibe than the ordinary action movies.”

French Dragon Slayer Yann Sorlut (F-60), contiues his classy style of ripping in all conditions, and taking out big names in the process. His legendary run in Guincho 2007 is still sending chills down the spines of the overconfident so called established pros that felt the wrath of Zorglub’s precise skill and decisive wave selection. Yann is pure Simmer material, a testament to the type of sailor we look for here at Simmer Style.

Ben Proffit (K-800) has been refining his moves in Cape Town this winter, getting ready for the PWA wave circuit. Ben comments on the coming year: “Event wise I’m going to compete on the PWA wave circuit and do as many UK national events as I can… and win the title!! (when I’m in the UK!) I had some bad luck on the PWA during 2007, and for this year I hope to do better. Although I will have
a bad seeding so I’m going to have to take down some pretty big names… bring it on!! As well as competing I would like to make some travel trips… Video/photo’s but nothings decided on yet, but for sure I´ll be going somewhere! I´m also going to be sailing a lot more in the UK, when the conditions are good. Britain can offer some of the best sailing around!”

Edvan Souza (BRA250), watch out for this ripping young Brazilian, who even before entering the PWA world tour has made a name for himself as one of the top freestylers in the world. Training together with 2007 World Freestyle Champ Marcilio Browne and Andre Paskowski at their local spot Jericoacoara, Edvan is getting ready for an international debut this year.

Niklas Strålhen (S-4444) this promising young Swedish freestyle talent is ready to prove himself internationally. Just 20 years old, he is already in the top 10 best sailors on the EFPT (European Freestyle Pro Tour). Fellow team rider, Anderas Olandersson says: “Niklas is one the most exciting new talents to emerge from Europe in the last few years, he has a smooth, effortless style and is good character in the water”.

Just added to the roster is Cheo Diaz (V-34) This kid is a magician on the water. If you have no idea what maneuver you just saw him do its because he either invented it on the spot or it does not yet have a name. Team Simmer is a force to be reckoned with in Freestyle more
than ever now and all eyes on the PWA Freestyle tour are on Cheo to see what he can pull out of the hat next.

Anderas Olandersson (S-66), is one of the new faces on the team. Olandersson has made a name for himself on the EFPT tour, finishing in the top 5 over the last 3 years. Spending his winters in Cape Town training high wind maneuvers, he is getting in shape for the upcoming PWA and EFPT events.

Head designer for Simmer Cam Sails Program is PWA sailor, Sylvain Moussilmani (F-73) who together with his twin brother, Benoit Moussilmani (F-72) do the R&D work to create the next race machine which will launched in February.

Junko Nagoshi has fought battle after battle on the PWA womens tour and come back with several top results. Always a threat in any situation this lady warrior has done the Simmer Team proud and we are cheering her on to take some more top names down in the process !!!

New on the team is also Ben Van der Steen (H57): “I am very happy to join the simmer team. My goal is to top the rankings with Simmer sails. Simmer is a growing company with a lot of potential. They have a good name for their super small and strong wave sails. I would like to also represent the slalom and free race program which consists of some of the best gear around. At the moment I am in Maui working with the whole simmer team on the development of the new wave and free ride sails
and everything is already starting to look sweet for the new collection.”

On the US Mainland, Simmer is proud to support Whit Poor as it’s main rider. Whit brings a super approachable demeanor along with his world- beater skills on the water. Look for Whit to be on the water whenever its windy with the Flykatcher crew in the SF Bay and beyond doing some clinics with Kai on the side this season, more details to follow.

Here on Maui we are rolling strong with local heroes Nat Gill, Fredercik Steinick, and the crew from Keith Hollands shop in Paia. Stay tuned with news from Team 808.

From Europe we have Matteo Guazzoni (I711) tearing up the EFPT and select PWA events, this guy has done us proud the entire time he’e been on the squad. Sweden’s Emma Johansson (S37)has the style and now the sponsors to make a lasting impression this upcoming year both locally and beyond..

Make sure you keep updated by our weekly newsfeed at www.simmerstyle.eu.


Simmer HQ

Kai Flykatcher living the dream. Credits. Anni Westerback. – Click for large

Kai Flykatcher living the dream. Credits Anni Westerback – Click for large

Andreas Olandersson flying high over Capetown – click for large

Edvan Souza ripping up his home break. Credits, Anna Persson – click for large

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