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Artikel: RBSC Interview med Ben Proffitt K-800


RBSC Interview med Ben Proffitt K-800

Name and sailnumber: Ben Proffitt K-800
Age: 28 years
Homespot: Rhosneiger, North Wales
Windiest session ever: I’d have to say Autum 2005… But that’s just because I had a blast then and it was proper windy too!!
Sponsors: Fanatic, Simmer, Mambo, Sola, Dakine, Funsport, Boardseeker.com
Van: Ford, Transit.

We know you as a good sport with a VERY ironic distance to competing. How do you feel about competing for the spot in the Storm Chase through sheer democracy?
I’m a very competitive person… So what ever the comp I want to be up there. Although this is sort of hard because it’s not just windsurfers that are voting… So someone with a big address book can win (like in great britian!) But still it’s a lot of fun and there’s a good bit of banter goes around between sailors… Especially as there is no wind at the moment!

We know you have trained SA and Maui, been competing in Guincho, Pozo among other wind proven spots. But how can you use that in a blistering cold and ferocious October storm of the Atlantic coast?
I had a lot of practice sailing UK conditions and nearly always stay in the UK until January before going away.. Making sure I get the best of the storms that pass over the UK!! Rhosneigr is my local beach and it is a magnet for low pressures!
Pozo, Capetown etc has got nothing on the UK when a big low pressure comes over… It’s by far my favourite place to sail when it’s going off!!!

Everybody is all about how exciting it is and how good they are when it’s really storming. Honestly doesn’t it ever scare you?
Me scared? Honestly… Hell yeah… It scares the shit out of me.. But that’s why it’s soo good! If it’s not scarey then you’re not pushing yourself… Only just worked that out… And it’s super fun!

Here is you shot to convince the Danish voters to support you with their votes:
Vote for me you Danish bastards… Ha ha… only kidding! But if you don’t vote for me some British monkey who does 2ft high cheese rolls and has a massive address book is going to win… So please give me your vote! Be your best friend!!!

Will we ever see you in Denmark? If your calendar allows it there are some big events coming up mid September in Klitmøller or maybe the infamous CPH Hawaiiparty end of October?
I’ve been wanting to come up to Klitty land for a long time but it’s always bad timing… The soulwave always happens when we have a big british comp which is a pain in the ass!! But Sandman (Rob Sands) has got a house now so I’m going to get up there sometime soon for the house warming party… Or maybe house trashing party!! Plus rumour has it ‘PLASMA Boardwear’ are going to pay for my trip up there… Thanks PLASMA!! Maybe I can get them to pay for the CPN Hawaiiparty?

Folkene bag Red Bull Storm Chase og Surfklubben NASA arbejder sammen om den danske afdeling. Det sker gennem projektet Building the Cold Hawaii, hvorigennem klubben også har lanceret S2S kampagnen. Alle har en dyb interesse i at bevare og udvikle mulighederne for bølgesurfing i Thy.

Du kan læse mere om S2S kampagnen på www.nasa-klitmoeller.dk, hvor du også kan melde dig ind i NASA. På den måde kan du være med til at støtte arbejdet med at udvikle det kolde Hawaii.

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