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Artikel: Red Bull Big Wave Africa


Red Bull Big Wave Africa

Red Bull Big Wave Africa bliver afholdt for niende gang på Dungeons, der ligger i Hout Bay udenfor Cape Town.

Der er masser af money og prestige at kæmpe om… Og det giver masser af svedige billeder vi andre kan sidde og drømme til.

Der er waiting period fra 1. juni til 31 august, og allerede nu er der ved at være chance for konkurrence. Følg det på det officielle site http://www.redbullbwa.com/

Hout Bay – As we hit the final week of Red Bull Big Wave Africa’s waiting period, there is one more big storm starting to show up on the swell models for early next week. At this stage the storm is still too far away to make a call but with just over a week remaining, organisers are hoping for the weather patterns to settle and produce the contest conditions required to run the event.

While the swells have been hitting the Cape Peninsula with regularity this whole winter, they have been accompanied by fierce frontal conditions that have made the towering waves at Dungeons ragged and unruly, and have made the whole big wave arena unplayable. At this stage the final front is looking like it has a similar setup, but with the weather systems shifting slightly more towards a summer pattern it is possible that these conditions might morph from the fierce into the sublime by the end of next week.

Both local and international competitors are all baying for an event, and are ready for a chance to compete at Dungeons after their long winter’s training period. The two contest directors, Johnny Paarman and Gary Linden, have the unenviable task of being the voices of reason amongst the sometimes heightened emotions and needs of the world’s best big wave surfers, but for now they are tracking the swell and keeping the event on hold.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Dungeons has teased us all season before properly standing to attention at the end of the waiting period. If you’ve registered on the website www.redbullbwa.com you’ll be the first to know via sms if the event moves to green light status.

Sean Holmes (SA)
Greg Long (USA)
Grant Baker (SA)
Carlos Burle (BRA)
Jason Ribbink (SA)
Grant Washburn (USA)
Chris Bertish (SA)
Darryl Virostko (USA)
Mark Healey (HAW)
Andrew Marr (SA)
Paul Paterson (AUS)
John Whittle (SA)
Jamie Sterling (HAW)
David Smith (SA)
Ross Clarke-Jones (AUS)
Mickey Duffus (SA)
Evan Slater (USA)
Simon Lowe (SA)
Peter Mel (USA)
Anthony Tashnick (USA)
Ian Armstrong (SA)
Ian Walsh (HAW)
Ramon Navarro (CHILE)

Looking for waves… Or sharks!!!

In addition to the massive 100.000 Rand first prize for the winner of the 2007 Red Bull Big Wave Africa, fifty thousand for second and thirty thousand for third, Red Bull is proud to announce the various Special Awards which have been incorporated into the contest.

The Billabong Biggest Tube Award R10,000.
Dungeons has been known to throw a few mean barrels on the odd occasion, with previous surfers such as Sean Holmes, Chris Bertish and Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker, to name a few, having had the fortune of experiencing some deep pits. The Billabong Biggest Tube award, valued at ten thousand Rand will be handed to the surfer who pulls in to the biggest barrel on the day, or during the contest activation period. Last year the prize went to Jason Ribbink for a barrel he scored in the semi-finals.

The Von Zipper Deep Throat Award.
The line up of big wave surfers invited to participate in this event are world renowned chargers who sieze every opportunity to catch the biggest and best waves whenever possible. Out of these surfers, there is always one individual who pushes the limits, charging anything and everything. This surfer will be awarded five thousand Rand from Von Zipper for his efforts. Last year the award went to Hawaiian Jamie Sterling.

The Ikaika Award by DaKine.
Ikaika means ‘Strong Warrior’ in Hawaiian, and this prize of five thousand Rand will be awarded to the surfer who is involved in an extraordinary event on the day. This is the first time DaKine have been involved with sponsoring an award, and any surfer who does that something extraordinary on the day will be eligible for this prize.

Sensi Threads Biggest Wave Award.
Along the course of the activation period, and during the event, some really big waves are going to be ridden. Some of them are going to be bigger than others, and there will be one wave, one singular, memorable wave, that will be deemed to be the biggest wave ridden.This year, as motivation to get surfers over the ledge on the freak sets, Sensi Threads have signed a cheque for twenty-five thousand Rand for the surfer catching the biggest wave! In 2006 the award went to second placed Andrew Marr.

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