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Artikel: Red Bull Storm Chase - DVD


Red Bull Storm Chase - DVD

DVD – Stormy Release Party i Kiel, Tyskland


Showdown in Kiel city, the capital of Windsurfing in Germany. Six weeks after the day x the Red Bull Storm Chase movie was shown to the public for the first time. 500 spectators came to the completely sold out release party in the Metro cinema. Among the audience were also a couple of stormchasers like Matze Bade, Torben Sonntag or John Hibbard from England. “The movie is amazing”, said the German chaser Matze Bade after the show, “the pictures are fantastic, the music is sick and the story about the storm is really thrilling.

I`m proud to be part of it. This flick will change the world of windsurfing. No doubt about it!” After the movie presentation in the cinema the whole bulk moved to the famous Luna Club where stormchasers, cameraguys, other windsurfers and friends had a stormy party until the early morning. An exceptional evening for an exceptional project.

More public viewings in other countries will follow soon.

Check www.redbullstormchase.com for final dates.

Order the Red Bull Storm Chase DVD under: www.redbullstormchase.com

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