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Artikel: Shaun White vandt NOKIA Air & Style - igen!


Shaun White vandt NOKIA Air & Style - igen!

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Watch Shaun White&s perfect Switch Frontside 900! (Quicktime 6 required)

Shaun White wins again the 12th Nokia Air & Style Event 2004

2 days of fully booked ski jumping stadium is the definite proof, that the Air & Style 2004 is the world´s best and biggest freestyle snowboarding event worldwide. The new concept, developed by the team around Andrew Hourmont, which extended the event into a 2 day freesports lifestyle festival, was a huge success. Around 30,000 enthusiastic visitors came to watch freestyle snowboarding at its best, the incredible Braun FMX Jam and bands like Fanta 4 & Gentleman. In addition a big number of parties made the town of Seefeld, rock.
The competition concept from last year was the same, due to its simplicity and efficiency. 20 riders fought for 6 spots in the finals. All riders had to qualify in 2 jump categories. Within Technical Jump anything was allowed, while in the Style Jump only at the max 540ies were allowed. 65% of judging went on the account of the main jump, while 35% went on the obstacle park, which just followed the main jump.

During the jump sessions the Braun FMX Jam gave just a little idea on how cutting edge and impressive freestyle motocross riding has become in the recent years. Busty “Airwastl” Wolter, Ronnie “Renndawg” Renner, Drake “DMC” McElroy, Clifford “Flyin Hawaiin” Adoptante and “Mad Mike” Jones gave it all and showed from Superman Seatgrab, amazing Whipps, Tsunamis and everything which is possible these days.
In the snowboard finals Nicolas Müller, Shaun White and Jussi Oksanen were able to qualify themselves for the superfinal, in which Shaun White took the title with an impressive Switch Frontside 360. Thus we have again a worthy winner, called Shaun White for the second time.
Ending with Millencollin on the music stage the Air&Style continues to be the benchmark for snowboard festivals.

tjek film på http://www.air-style.at

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