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Artikel: Snowboard - NOKIA world cup Results


Snowboard - NOKIA world cup Results

Julia Dujmovits and Mathieu Bozzetto win last parallel race in 2007

Julia Dujmovits have won the second Parallel Slalom of the NOKIA Snowboard FIS World Cup 2007/2008. In the ladies’ final in Nendaz, Austria’s Dujmovits beat her country woman Heidi Neururer who was able to enlarge her World Cup lead due to her second rank. Nicolien Sauerbreij (NED) came in third ahead of Claudia Riegler (AUT) who had won the qualification.

Julia Dujmovits

Julia Dujmovits sprang a surprise on the probably longest PSL-slope “Piste de l’Alpage” in the World Cup circuit taking home her first ever World Cup Gold medal. The 20-years-old rider showed some constant snowboarding the whole day long and therefore was able to knock out Svetlana Boldikova (RUS), last year’s winner Selina Joerg (GER) and Nicolien Sauerbreij (NED). In the final, she also took benefit from a crash of her competitor Heidi Neururer who had been able to catch up with her team mate before: “I’m so happy. I was once second in 2006 in Japan but tore my ACL’s thereafter. Thus, it was very important for me to come back in such a strong squad. I’m more than pleased that I finally made it.”

Heidi Neururer, AUT, 2nd place, who won first place at the last competition says: "I’m a little bit angry because I think I could have won today. I still don’t know what I did wrong. But I’m pleased with the result. I was four times on the podium in four races – I think I can enjoy this."

Participants: 47 ladies – 58 men from 19 nations

Name of the course: Piste de l’Alpage

Length of course: 380 metres

Vertical drop: 110 metres

Gates: 29

Conditions: perfect snow conditions, minus 10 degrees


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