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En normal våddragt har mere en 36 limninger hvilket gør den meget følsom overfor skader. Quiksilvers nyeste skud på stammen har under halvdelen. Det kunne gå hen og blive DRAGTEN. Med få limninger og kun 3 store stykker materiale har Quiksilver fabrikeret en ret cool dragt som eftersigende skulle være super fleksibel og dermed følge kroppen som var det enes egen skygge.

Det har taget ca 2 år at designe THE CELL, men designerne siger at det har været tiden værd og omverdenen har også givet den god medfart. Så er det bare at vente på at den kommer til DK…

Quiksilver skriver:

Quiksilver’s Cell Wetsuit Makes Neoprene History

The average wetsuit has 19 panels and 36 feet of seams.

The Cell has only 3 major panels and less than half the seams.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California, November 18, 2002 (NYSE:ZQK) One of the most progressive advancements in modern surfing may amount to nothing more than simple subtraction. In a wetsuit market where less truly means more, Quiksilver ups the ante by introducing The Cell, an innovation that sets a new standard for wetsuit performance and takes the world‘s next step toward a second skin.

The release of The Cell follows an extensive two-year period of research that involved the systematic dismantling of the traditional wetsuit. Quik’s international design team, including the mastermind behind the concept, Alistar “Zoc” Zorica, evaluated and scrutinized every component of a wetsuit in hopes of discovering a more refined approach to the construction. After several months of development and feedback from such riders as Kelly Slater, Jake Patterson, Peter Mel, and Ross-Clarke Jones, Zoc and the crew at Quik decided that the wetsuit didn‘t need anything. In fact, what they did was drop every unnecessary piece of rubber and stitch to arrive at the most simplified yet high performance wetsuit ever made.

“When you see The Cell, you will be amazed at how it all goes together,” says Dave Lester, Quiksilver’s Vice President of Wetsuit Design and Merchandising. “Quiksilver is really excited about this new suit. Many people think of Quiksilver as just a clothing company that offers wetsuits. With our development of The Cell, Quiksilver has established itself as a significant wetsuit brand on the forefront of wetsuit development.”

Not counting the neck area, The Cell is essentially three panels of neoprene. The Cell’s patent-pending design increases flexibility by decreasing the amount of panels and seams that restrict movement. The remaining seams are locked tight using Quiksilver’s Liquid Flex Seal (LFS) taping technology that helps eliminate those bone-chilling cold water flushes from leaky seams. Plus, a suit with fewer seams is less apt to rip and fall apart, which addresses the durability issues associated with the stretch-generation of modern wetsuits.

It‘s an easy formula: Minus excess materials equals increased heat, flex and protection. With The Cell, you get everything you need and nothing you don‘t. Taking a step forward by scaling back. That’s innovation by subtraction.

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