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Artikel: The future of Snowboarding – Expect the Unexpected


The future of Snowboarding – Expect the Unexpected


The future of Snowboarding – Expect the Unexpected


constituted in Munich, Germany August 10th 2002.

Snowboarding’s young history continues to reveal the strength of a spirit that simply refuses to die.

Every time the former ISF got nailed to a cross it was only a matter of time before a resurrection took place and within each reincarnation the spirit grew stronger.

As you probably know, ISF was earlier this year forced to stop its operations, dissolve the organisation and file for insolvency.

In the year 2002 once again we witness a rebirth of the genuine snowboard culture worldwide.

On 10th August almost 20 nations gathered in Munich either by delegates in person or by proxies. These nations represented most of the major snowboarding nations of the world including: Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Slovenia, Spain, and the United States of America. The supporting members represent an estimate of ca. 40.000 riders/athletes, 60.000 members through the National Associations and there is an estimate of ca. 4.500.000 snowboarders in the countries where our members are the Governing bodies.

All the nations present in Munich spoke of the need to create a new organisation and body in which the spirit of competitive snowboarding could freely exist, survive and thrive. The nations spoke of a global umbrella to unite each country in it’s task of delivering snowboarding services to it’s people.

With the different requirements of each nation taken into consideration it was agreed that the nations would unite under one single banner simply entitled:

´World Snowboarding’

It was agreed that under that banner a federation would be formed to present international snowboarding to the authorities of the world and that the federation would be known as ‘The World Snowboarding Federation’ (W.S.F.)

The delegates discussed filling the void created by the closure of the ISF. Consideration was given to the FIS organisation (International Ski Federation) and what it offers to the world of snowboarding. The conclusion of such focus was that the FIS currently do not cater for a very large proportion of world snowboarding and that there is a great need for the WSF to strive in fulfilling the requirements of the snowboarding world.

For many years the old ISF was accused (and often convicted) of fighting against the FIS. Contrary to the old ISF ways, the WSF chooses instead to acknowledge the FIS and offer a working relationship in providing the guidance that the FIS clearly needs when it comes to understanding the requirements of world snowboarding.

The delegation also took into consideration the PSA (Professional Snowboarders Association). The WSF recognises the difficulties and challenges facing many professional snowboarders since the collapse of the ISF and the Pro Tour. It is the ambition of the WSF to help and assist the PSA and professional snowboarders worldwide in building a firm and secure environment to pursue their chosen career and live out their dreams and aspirations.

It is the intention of the WSF to stand strong for the welfare and the rights of the world’s snowboarders and not compromise all that has painstakingly been achieved over the many years since competitive snowboarding began.

On 10th August 2002 in Munich the WSF was created and the opening board members were voted in. Norway´s Steinar Arvesen who spearheaded the campaign was almost unanimously voted in as President. Japan´s Shinzo Tanuma was voted as Vice President and board members Marcel Schmidt of Czech Republic and Ian Felton of Great Britain were voted in to assist the cause. Further board positions were made available but left unfilled to enable nations representatives who where not present in Munich to put their names forward. This second vote of board members is scheduled to take place in October when the WSF’s national delegates are invited to a pre-season work group.

The nations have gathered and worked hard to ensure that global unity continues to stay alive in the snowboarding world. We send this message out now to each and every one of you who have a snowboarding dream to fulfil and we invite you to share your dream with us and become part of ´World Snowboarding´!

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