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Artikel: Torro Andaluz Update #2


Torro Andaluz Update #2

Official Press Release EFPT Torro Andaluz 2007

Tarifa shows once again why its famous worldwide for its fantastic conditions, and proofs
every weather forecast wrong. After only one day waiting and really bad perspectives, we managed to start and finish a fantastic single elimination today.

The first result of the Season is done and as we don’t trust forecasts anymore we’re looking
forward to do the Double elimination tomorrow. Andre Paskowski G2 (F2/North Sails) takes the single in front of Jakub Kosmowski POL 288 (Tabou/Gaastra).

Andre Paskowski G2 – Fortsætte hvor han slap EFPT i 2006, i front

The day started with some light winds from the west and it seemed to continue like this till the end. The riders where just hanging out and making plans for the day, none of this plans where related with sailing… Fortunately everyone stayed in place and kept waiting, at about 2pm the first whitecaps where giving a view for the rest of the day…

After a quick skippers meeting the Race director sent the first heat on the water, till the end of the single elimination the wind didn’t drop once. The guys where on their 5.3 sails, showing the crowds on the beach that this where the sizes that they where best used to.

Andre Paskowski G2 (F2/North Sails) had an unbelievable day, this guy had to struggle with a bad cold during the last few days and in the beginning of the single, he was not even sure if he would start at all. He marched through the single kicking out a lot of EFPT heroes. In the semi he found himself against Cheo Diaz V34 (Fanatic/North Sails) which joined the EFPT for the first event and was doing well till then.

The other name in the Final is also a EFPT Veteran, Jakub Kosmowski POL 288 (Tabou/Gaastra). The young polish rider surprised not only the judges with his steady performance but also the riders where pretty stoked about the tricks “Kuba” smashed against some big names in the competition.

Jakub Kosmowski POL 288 – 20 år pg rødglødende

Normen Günzlein G186 (JP/NP) was probably his most famous victim. Jakub was on fire today and had a lot of support on the beach. Cheo and Norman had a close fight for third and forth place but in the end the young guy from Venezuela showed his talent and took the 3rd place. There’ve been a lot of great heats in front of the Torre de la Pena Camping today, the competitors where happy to go sailing at least and show their skills to the people of Andaluzia.

Tine Slabe SLO6 (F2/Naish) was fighting hard against his Naish Team mate Fede La Croce I979 (Naish/Naish). Andi Olanderson S66 (Fanatic/NP) showed that he feels perfect on his new boards and was still smiling when Cheo (also on Fanatic) removed him from the competition. Ruben Petriesie NB50 (Exocet/the Loft) made his way to the quarter finals where Norman was in his way. Also good to see was that the young guys which continue competing are making advance, Michael Summereder AUT9 (F2/North Sails) managed also to come to the quarters, well done “Sumsi”!!!

To make long story short: an awesome day in Spain!!!

We are looking forward to the next days as the forecast is as bad as for today we’re pretty sure that we can continue tomorrow with the double. The only thing that stands in the way are the happy and “motivated” faces of the riders which surely want to celebrate this result on the welcome dinner, we’ll see how this ends…

Hasta luego from Spain and stay tuned for more to come….

RESULT after one single elimination:
1. Andre Paskowski (F2/North Sails)
2. Jakub Kosmowski (Tabou/Gaastra)
3. Cheo Diaz (Fanatic/North Sails)
4. Normen Günzlein (JP/NP)
5. Ruben Petrisie (Exocet/the Loft)
5. Michael Summereder (F2/North Sails)
5. Andreas Olanderson (Fanatic/NP)
5. Federico La Croce (Naish/Naish)
9. Fabian Weber (Mistral/North Sails)
9. Simon Hurrey (RRD/Simmer Style)
9. Fred Bonnef
9. Matteo Guazzoni (RRD/Simmer Style)
9. Andrea Rosati (RRD/NP)
9. Nicolas Akgazcyian (Starboard)
9. Tine Slabe (F2/Naish)
9. Nicklas Strahlen (Naish/Naish)
17. Vittorio Mazzocca Gamba (RRD/NP)
17. Boro Martinez (Tabou/Gaastra)
17. Eric Sanlehy (F2/North Sails)
17. Vincent Mellouet (Fanatic/North Sails)
17. Nicos Athanasiou (F2/North Sails)
17. Zevigne

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