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Artikel: Cutre wave and freestyle clinics 2005 at Pozo at Gran Canaria


Cutre wave and freestyle clinics 2005 at Pozo at Gran Canaria

We will this year give you another opportunity to join our successful wave and freestyle clinics.
The head instructor of the clinics this year will be the same as the last two years Swedish world cup sailor Kristoffer Living and he will also get help from some of the local Pozo sailors.

The language that will be used during the clinics will be English but Kristoffer also speaks German Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

The clinics are for sailors that want to improve their sailing skills and learn to jump, tack, wave ride or maybe classic and new freestyle and wave moves like forward / back loops, spocks, willy skipper, flakas and much much more.

Video recording will be used for maximum progress.

A minimum level of water start and jibe is required from everyone that wants to join the clinics for more information look at www.cutre.com or mail to kristofferliving@yahoo.se
Cutre offers a package deal of accommodation and food for those who want to stay in Pozo during the clinic.

There will also be an equipment deal available for those who don‘t want to bring their own equipment.

1. Camps: 24 April until 3 May
2. Camps: 10 July until 20 July
3. Camps: 7 August until 17August

Each clinic will have maximum of 10 persons. Price 10 days clinic 300 euros

Accommodation: deal 12 euros per night in hostel located close to the beach apartment can also be arranged.

Equipment deal: 10days for 180 euros: Simmer, Neil Pryde, JP. All 2005 gear

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