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Artikel: Gone surfing


Gone surfing

Af gode grunde er interviewet på engelsk – det er jo de færreste østrigere der kan dansk og jeg går ud fra at et interview tysk ikke lige er bomben 🙂

Tjek mere med Claudia på hendes eget site www.claudiavogt.com


Full name: Claudia Vogt
Age: 24
2005 Sponsors: Chiemsee, Arrows, Quatro

In what year did you star windsurfing?

Started on our lake when I was 7 or 8 but lost interest pretty soon:-) Then gave it a second try when I was 17 and three years ago I also went to windsurf somewhere in wintertime… Puerto Rico, Australia, Maui.

Why did you start on windsurfing, when you live in one of the coolest snowboard countries in the world?

I think that is exactly the question… I don´t know why I have this fascination for the sea and windsurfing, I guess you always want what you can´t have.

How long a year is it possible to windsurf in Austria?
Depends, sometimes spring and fall are really consistent (or as consistent as it can be, with Lake Neusiedl being a non-thermic spot), sometimes not. But in general november is the latest month and march the earliest you can windsurf… certainly, there are always crazy guys who go out even if the water is almost frozen…

Can you snowboard at all – or are you just into water sports?
I have done national competitions in Giant Slalom and am a certified instructor on both beginner´s and advanced level. I love snowboarding and this year I might get a chance to do it more often since I work in Munich for SURF magazine at the moment.

You are travelling quite a lot – and you‘ve just been in Australia – is that like another home for you?
Yeah, Australia and also Gran Canaria are places that are like home to me… also Maui a bit, but more because my sister lives there… I have only been there for four weeks last year.
I studied in Gran Canaria for a semester and come back every year, and Australia is the place I would like to move to… I know a few people and the country itself is just amazing.

Whats you favourite spot in Australia?
Gnaraloo, Margaret River, Greenhead – each spot is different but has its own advantages…Whats you favourite spot in the world? Gnaraloo probably. It´s not only the wave there, but the whole isolation. It´s truly a get-away…

Do you have an overall goal with you windsurf etc winning the PWA or are you soulsurfer deep inside and just want to live the boardculture?
I would say I love the sport with all my heart and soul. I don´t do all this to win anything, but because I enjoy it so much. Sure, winning a real wave event (like Hookipa or maybe one day Margaret River??) would be fantastic, too…but if not, I will still windsurf.

For how long have you been in the PWA?
My first tour was last year, but I competed in two events before that…without result: once no women heats, then I dislocated my shoulder right away.

Are you only into PWA-wave or are you also up to some freestyle?
I am doing both, but my big love is waveriding. In 2004 I ended 7th overall in freestyle, 6th in waves.

Whats your greatest experience with windsurfing?
My first masthigh days in Gnaraloo and Margaret River… I´ve been in waves like that before but this winter I could really ride them well. Almost fearless and it gave me the most incredible feeling.

Photo credit: Brendan Pyatt

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