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Artikel: Dachstein SuperStar Session?


Dachstein SuperStar Session?

Superstar session… hmm? Sounds intriguing, especially this time of the year, when not that many parks are open. I was expecting all the snowboard superstars, Shaun White, Travis Rice, Heikki Sorsa, Danny Kass, and Eero Ettala cruising around the park in a constant flicker of flashlights.

Hmm. Not really, BUT instead what we had there was a surprisingly well shaped park with bad weather… on the first day. We arrived early in the morning ready to catch the action of the “superstars”. In the carpark we caught up with Alvaro Vogel, Lisa Filzmoser and Carlos Blanchard(photog.) We all were keen to get some shredding done, but because of the thick fog that surrounded us at the park, it made things pretty damn hard. Have you ever tried riding blindfolded? Yes, it’s interesting. Also when you spend a whole day up at the glacier in a bad weather, you don’t think about putting sun cream on. At least I didn’t. The result was the same as I order my steak normally: “well done”.

Marc Swoboda laver Shifty

The second day opened with blue skies and, oh boy, we were stoked. Kickers, rails, boxes, triangles, corners and all that you can think of was found in the park. Even this custom made “triple quarterpipe-thingy” was left there after previous night’s photoshoot some Burton guys had. It looked like three 1m wide QP’s shaped next to each other with gaps separating them. Interesting, I’m looking forward of seeing those shots.


Ah, yes, I was supposed to talk about riders. I expected lots of European big names, but all I recognized was Marc Swoboda, Rudi Kroell, Roeli Scharmer, Christoph Rynders, Manuel Pietropoli and heaps of Slovenian unknown rippers. Marc was stealing the show with his shifty shifties, BS 7 japans and bunch of other technical tricks that he performed in the biggest kicker all day long. I wish I knew more riders from there; so many had a good style and I have too many photos titled: “unknown Slovanian”.

YEah – dét præcis sådan dér

I kind of expected this session to be more organized and controlled in terms of riding and photos. There wasn’t loud music playing with the presenter leading the show, kids waiting to drop in and photographers and filmers ready to burn the “film” or nowadays “memory card”. BUT I guess it wasn’t the purpose of the session this time. And what the heck, it was fun anyways. And…I learned the lesson; sun cream with proofing level 30 didn’t make my steak “well done” this time.

Kilde; Methodmag

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