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Artikel: De nye RS:Racing sejl fra NeilPryde


De nye RS:Racing sejl fra NeilPryde

Så er der sprit nye Racing sejl fra NeilPryde.

Noget mange race rotter har ventet spændt på og ud fra de første forlydende og disse billeder af dømme, er der masser af gode nye tiltag i denne nye model.

NeilPryde har samtidigt launchet et RS:Racing site, hvor du kan få al den info du ønsker dig, samt se masser af fotos og film.



NeilPryde is proud to introduce the RS:RACING. Featuring ULTRACAM Performance Technology the RS:Racing sets a new standard in race sail performance, and marks the beginning of an entirely new programme of race sail development and production for NeilPryde.

The RS:RACING with ULTRACAM Performance Technology completely redefines the concept and function of the camber inducer to dramatically improve sail rotation and performance around the marks.

The revolutionary suspended camber system delivers super smooth rotation, adjusts to different mast diameters and eliminates the need for cam spacers making the sail easy to tune for optimal performance.

With the batten pressure shared evenly between the batten pocket and the mast sleeve the innovative suspension system is so unique NeilPryde have submitted it for patent protection.

Races are often won or lost around the marks and the International Team involved in the development and testing of the RS:Racing insist that you won’t believe the difference until you try the sail for yourself. Slalom World Champion Antoine Albeau sums it up by saying “The RS:Racing delivers 100% perfect rotation with every gybe and tack, the feeling is amazing, what more can I say – IT’S JUST BETTER!”

The RS:Racing will make its official debut at the Calema Midwinters 2-4 March, 2007 where International Team Riders will compete for the first time using the sail.

The RS:RACING PROGRAMME comprises 4 key elements;
1. Limited Production
2. Continuous Product Development
3. Standardised Pricing
4. Special Warranty for Full-Carbon masts

2007 will see all NeilPryde RS sails built by a highly skilled team in a specialised production area within the new NeilPryde sail factory. Production is limited to 250 RS:Racing sails per month due to the complexity and high degree of precision required to build RS sails; however, following a phased introduction RS:Racing sails will continue to be available throughout the year.

The NeilPryde Design Center in Maui is engaged in a continuous development programme for the RS:Racing. Future racing sails will be released size-by-size, as and when individual sizes show a marked performance improvement, and will be identified by an evolution number. Complete racing sail quivers will not be released on an annual basis.

Pricing for the RS:Racing has been standardised worldwide to reflect the global nature of windsurf racing.

The X9 Ultra is a core component of the RS:Racing programme and sail performance is optimised when used with X9 rig parts. The carbon construction of the X9 Ultra mast requires special care to ensure its durability. For this reason all X9 Ultra masts shipped from NeilPryde Windsurfing in 2007 will come with a new hardshell mast bag for added protection and the warranty limited to six (6) months. Detailed Product Care information and the Limited Warranty Policy can be found at rsracing.neilpryde.com.

To find out more and for your chance to win an RS:Racing sail, limited edition t-shirts and great accessory prizes, check out rsracing.neilpryde.com – online Friday 19 January, 2007.

You won’t believe THE DIFFERENCE!

Tjek RS:Racing sitet ud masser af fotos, film og info…

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