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Artikel: Det kommende år for IWA


Det kommende år for IWA

Pressemeddelelse: international windsurfing association

2008 – a very important year for windsurfing – just some of the highlights to come:

Olympics – it is the olympic year and we wish all competitors good luck in Qingdao during August. ISAF will select equipment for 2012 at the November conference.

Formula World Tour – in 2008 the Grand Prix events will form a World Tour – with events confirmed for Europe and South America, in their respective summers.

Youth Olympics – windsurfing boy and girl (2 of the 4 sailing events) confirmed, with OD Techno 293 as the preferred equipment.

Raceboard/IMCO – MJOD de-registered with ISAF; IMCO/Raceboard to collaborate on future championships in order to bring you bigger and better competition events.

Speed – building on the introduction of the new International Class in 2007, an expanded programme of ranking events is planned for 2008.

Formula Experience – more emphasis on developing junior formula racers and grass roots (limited equipment) formula racing for all, and communication via an improved website.

IFCA – Freestyle – renewed cooperation with EPFT and a World Championship planned.

Slalom – further development of the "junior, youth and masters" concept; bigger Worlds with increased prize money (Portugal – 30,000 euro)

So – something for everyone!

IWA Website: http://www.internationalwindsurfing.com/
Formula Windsurfing: http://www.formulawindsurfing.org
Formula Experience: http://fe.internationalwindsurfing.com/
IFCA: http://ifca.internationalwindsurfing.com/
IMCO: http://www.imco.org/
MJOD: http://www.imco.org/
Raceboard: http://www.raceboard.org
Techno 293: http://www.techno293.org
ISWC: http://www.speedsurfing.org/
ISAF: http://www.sailing.org/

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