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Artikel: Grenade Ure


Grenade Ure

Methodmag har interviewet Vestal/Grenade om deres samarbejde;

1. How was the design created and what was its goal?
The goal of the Vestal/Grenade watches was pretty simple: Give one of the most progressive, creative and trendsetting snowboarders on the planet a chance at creating a time piece. Danny Kass was fully involved with the process and worked with our team of designers to create a collection of watches that are truly unique.

2. What kind of rider does the watch target?
This collection of watches was created by one the best athletes and creative minds in snowboarding today, Danny Kass. Grenade’s unique perspective on this project opened the target audience from “in the know” snowboarders to artists and musicians.

3. Any comments about uniqueness in the product’s technical and creative design?
The Vestal/Grenade Air Mail watch is technical in the way never done before. Danny came to Vestal and said he wanted one more watch with a Grenade on it to complete the collection. We thought he meant printing on the band, face or crystal. Turns out, he wanted the watch to actually BE a grenade. A year of design and production work went into this watch and we couldn’t be happier with it. It’s one of the most unique watches we’ve ever produced.

4. If this watch was on the shelf with a dozen others, how would this stand out among the rest?
It’s a grenade!

5. Any notable designs unnoticeable to the eye but an important necessity for a watch?
They can turn back time!

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