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Artikel: Interview med E-200 Frank Diaz


Interview med E-200 Frank Diaz

Name: Frank Díaz
Sail Number: E-200
Age: 20 years old
Place of birth: Lanzarote, Canary Islands.
A place to live: Lanzarote
Places to train: Pozo, Lanzarote, Maui, Margarita, Bonaire
Hobbies: Surfing, kiteboarding, wakeboarding, running, fitness
Favourite Moves: Shaka, ponch, future.

For how long have you been windsurfing and why did you start?

I have been sailing since I was 10 years old. When I was a kid I always watch on the TV some windsurfing and surfing reports and I was really interested to know how it feel, to ride a wave. I think is a sport passion since I was inside of my mother!

Please tell us something about growing up on Lanzarote, with perfect conditions for windsurfing in your own backyard.
Lanzarote is one of the most beautiful islands in the Canaries.
A lot of good spots are around the island and some of them work really good and frequently during the wind season.
There is a spot at the north shore called Jameos, it is a small place but the wave is really powerful and clean.
The wind is always around between the 15 and 26 knots and the weather is quite warm.

Living in the Canary Islands, you must have some great windsurfing friends?
For sure! Windsurf friends: Jesús Cabrera E1, Daida & Iballa Ruano E64 and E63, Nayra Alonso E4, Silvia Orozco E67, Antxon Otaegui E169, Jimmy Díaz VI11, Victor Fernández E42, Douglas Cheo Díaz V34 ,Gollito Estredos V1, Timo Mullet IR69.
I hope not forget any others, if I did sorry me.

We just saw Gollito, Cheo and Antxon and of course the Moreno twins do some excellent moves at the London Indoor. Have they told you some good stuff about the event?
Not yet because I just see then during the contest season but I was following the indoor comp on the Internet.
I have to say that they are really good sailors and very funny and friendly people.

Are you hoping to join them at the Indoor next year?
I heard that next year there will be no Indoor in London. But if they will organise it again, for sure I will go.
This year I could not go because I was injured. I twisted my right ankle three weeks before Christmas.
But now I am feeling better!

What about competition windsurfing? How long have you been on the PWA?
I don’t really like to compete but I’m trying to do it as best I can and also is good to know new people and places.
Sometimes is hard but sometimes I love it so much.
I started competing two years ago on the PWA.
It’s fun to do that tour because the guys are very friendly.

What categories on the PWA? Freestyle, Wave?
I like Freestyle more than Waves to compete.
But the thing I like the most is when I am free sailing, is freestyle-wave.
It is a mix between freestyle moves, jumps and surfing. Is very funny!!
Also I like the formula, slalom42, speed and Super-X but just to watch it.

Tell us something about your plans for going to Maui?
I am planning now the possibility to go to Maui in February. It is one of my dreams, I love that place, culture and conditions.
It is really hard to sail good in Hookipa but at the same time is very funny.
I will go there for photo shootings, freestyle training and starboard tack wave training.
The live there is so expensive but the place is so beautiful.

Are you participating in the Hawaii Pro?
I would like to compete on the Hawaii Pro, but first I have to improve my starboard tack wave level. I think I will have to do first the trials and if I advance them, I will get a wildcard for the contest.
It is unbelievable, six years ago I was watching the videos and dreaming about the Hawaiian contests, be a professional windsurfer and now I can see that dream coming up true !!

What are you doing right now to get money for your trip to Maui? Que tipo de trabajo?
Actually I can get some money from the Canarian Government, my Town hall and some sponsors.
So I can Study at home and windsurf at the same time.
I am very lucky I know!

Who are your sponsors?
My sponsors are Starboard for that nice boards with the wood on top and the Tiky god. Sevenesails, the revolutionary sails brand and Da kine with the good and high quality accessories.

A team called PJT team where are involved the Moreno Twins, Nayra Alonso, Silvia Alba and some other professionals Canarian Surfers, we always help each other and fly together.
Also I wearing Animal Clothes witch is one of the biggest brand in England with very nice clothes, shoes, sunglasses and watches.

How did you get in contact with them?
I started contacting them by e-mail and phone but it is not very easy because, no one believe your words if they doesn’t know you first or have a reference.
The best way to contact then is face to face, you know? The direct contact and spoken word.

What are you exactly doing for them?
For a sponsor is very important that they always know what are you doing, where are you going… etc
Also is good to appear as much as you can on the magazines, reports, websites, films, competitions…
You are the image of them and always have to control yourself, no fights, no drugs… It is important to be a good person and a happy and friendly guy.
On the other hand if they need you for anything you should be avaible most of the time. That is more important than competition.

Please tell us more about the PJT Team. That sounds like a very good idea, that Danish windsurfers might learn something from?
The PJT Team is an idea to help each other. We train, flight and work together to obtain the best of the sport.
The best athletes of the Canary Islands are involved. The best windsurfers, the best surfers, bodyboarders, boat sailors, and tennis players. It is a big thing!!
But it is not just sport, for me is a kind of life inside the sport and a different way to see the life.
On the windsurfing team we are 5 people: Silvia Orozco E-67, Nayra Alonso E4, Iballa & Daida Ruano E63/E64 and me.
Also the Surf team is made up of Adelina Taylor, the European surf champion, Jonathan González, one of the most radical guy in Europe and the new promise Hector Menendez, he is 17 years old and is one of the better young surfer in Europe as well.

What is your best windsurfing experience?
My best experience I think it was when I past my first freestyle trials in Fuerteventura for my first world cup.
It was very funny because the first day I was competing against Jason Stone and I can beat him. He was one of the freestyle stars. I was very exited that day.

What are your dreams with windsurfing?
I always dreaming about discover new places, moves, and also to push up windsurfing. I think windsurfing is in a bad moment right now. But it happens in all the sports. It is a constant “up and down”.

Other plans for 2006?
After I come back from Maui, I will start the PWA world tour, and some events of the EFPT.
I will be present in the Canarian wave tour as well organized by Secondreef Events.
I can’t miss my favourite places to compete, Costa Teguise, Pozo and Sotavento, I will be there sure!
Also, this year I would try to work a little bit more with the magazines because that is not easy.

Vi ønsker Frank Dias held og lykke på Maui og ser frem til at følge ham på tætteste hold i juli måned på de Kanariske Øer.

I mellemtiden kan vi drømme lidt om hans skræddersyede ”SU” fra den Kanariske regering…

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