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Artikel: Kauli Seadi på JP TWINSER


Kauli Seadi på JP TWINSER


Kauli Seadi is making history with his skills on the water and by initiating the new Twin Fin movement – the biggest development in wave sailing since the days when Jason Polakow’s dominance made everybody switch from asymmetrical boards to pintails. Kauli already started playing with the Twinser concept in 2006. Now everybody is following.

KAULI SEADI: “My Twinsers give you more drive, speed and control because there is always one of the fins in the water. With those boards you will be able to make super tight turns. With a single fin board this is not possible as the fin would be out of the water and you loose control. The cut back potential will just blow you away. The combination of speed, control and maneuverability is just unbelievable. Those boards will improve everyone’s wave riding as it is simply easier to work the waves harder”

“The unique fin position and angle are set to maximize straight line speed and traction, comparable to that of a single fin board.

The boards are available in:

PRO EDITION in Carbon Kevlar, Biax Carbon Technology with G10 fins. Super Limited Silver Finish.

FULL WOOD SANDWICH Technology with Double Sandwich and Biax Carbon Reinforcements. Limited Finish.

WERNER GNIGLER: By using a rocker line with quite a bit of curve throughout we are able to keep the waterline short, allowing the rider to adjust the radius of his bottom turn at any time and giving the board a loose slashy feeling on the top turn.”

For the bottom shape we use single and double concaves for maximum grip, control and comfort, allowing the rider to remain totally in charge even in big or choppy waves.

The boards are equipped with lots of curve in the outline, transitioning to a pointy and thin tail. The thin rails give excellent grip and allow the rider to push and accelerate through tight turns. Going from rail to rail becomes an awesome new experience.

The length is kept rather short for a direct and responsive feel.

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