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Harry Nass Surf and Action Center, Dahab 23 – 30.8 2007

You always wanted to find out how to get maximum speed out of your equipment and yourself ? Maybe you also considered several times to compete in a Slalom event – just for fun – but were not sure if you were good enough to do so? Or you simply want to get your jibes finally to perfection?

This camp will be excellent for you.

Micah Buzianis, US34, PWA Slalom World Champion 2005 and Vice World Champion 2006 from Maui Hawaii and head coach Dirk Muschenich, former winner of the German Windsurf Cup and now professional windsurf coach plus Harry Nass and his team (including Rob Superman Horn) will get you ready to surprise yourself about your speed, your jibing and kick some butt in slalom racing.

This camp is not just aiming at semi professionals – they are more then welcome as well – but also at people who windsurf for fun, enjoy speed, want to get faster, want to improve their jibing and maybe get a bit involved in racing.

In groups of maximum 10 people you will find out about how to
– trim your equipment
– get faster (check with GPS)
– improve your jibing in general and get it to perfection
– jibe around a buoy in the middle of a racing fleet
– do Lemans beach starts
– do boat starts
– get your body ready for slalom and speed (Gym, nutrition)
– win races

As you can see jibing is a very important point. Jibing is the one thing which decides between enjoying windsurfing or hating it and most races are won by the best jiber in the fleet.

To achieve this you and your coaches will use the latest equipment
– start boat
– video analyses
– GPS devices to check your speed

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Riders.dk medlem af FDIM

Ski-, snowboard- og surfer-sitet Riders.dk er netop blev FDIM-medlem (Foreningen af Danske InternetMedier)

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Burton US Open LIVE!!

Hele weekenden kan du følge US open Live vha webcast fra Freecaster, første webcast er i aften kl 19:30 - Stay tuned

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