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Artikel: Nyt forslag til en tangfinne

maui ultra fins

Nyt forslag til en tangfinne

Tangfinner… vi har sikkert alle prøvet dem i ny og næ og man må jo konstatere at det aldrig er helt det samme – lidt lige som sex med kondom – nogle gange er det eneste udvej hvis man vil have lidt action!

Maui Ultra Fins har gjort et nyt forsøg på at lave en finne til lavt vand og til steder med meget tang som måske er mere lovende end noget vi har set længe. Og i følge den rutinerede og altid unge Lars Petersen D-99 er det noget der virker!

” Har fornylig selv indgået et internationalt sponsorship med Maui Ultra Fins, og er VIRKELIG begejstret over deres designs. Ejeren og designeren i Maui Ultra Fins Rick Hanke har en fortid i Rum og luftfarts industrien, og må siges at styr på designs!”

Vi har modtaget nedenstående meddelelse fra Maui Ultra Fins om deres nye Delta project.


From Maui Ultra Fins

Following one year of testing, we are proud to present the ultimate shallow water fins: The Maui Ultra Fins Delta-Wing-Series.

The development was initiated by the demand of many German, Dutch and Swedish windsurfers for shorter fins that could handle very weedy conditions. Inspired by the Delta-wings of modern fighter jets, Rick Hanke already built the first prototypes in early 2011 and tested them for 3 months on Maui.

He was encouraged by the first positive sailing sensations and developed three different models throughout last year which should match the different requirements:

Delta (Freeride)

Delta Slalom

Delta Speed

About 100 prototypes were built to find the perfect outlines and profiles. Those were thoroughly tested by about 70 amateurs and pros who provided very important feedback. Of paramount importance were our team riders Uwe Michelchen, Birger Bruhns, Michael Brozio, Daniel Thermann, Benno Cremer (all GER), Taty Frans (NB), Roberto Hofmann (ITA) as well as Antoine Albeau (FRA) and Marcus Richardson (SWE).

Generally speaking, the main advantage of the Delta-Wing-Series is the formerly unthinkable reduction of fin length down to almost 50 % of a straight fin. As a result, windsurfing in shallow waters has become much safer and in some spots only possible right now. So the flat water in tidal channels can now be used for extreme speeding. The high rake of 55 % allows for safer and absolutely weed-free windsurfing.

On top of this, the Delta form with its wide base and shorter length lets us use extremely thin profiles with less drag which in turn results in high speeds.

All models of the MUF Delta-Wing-Series also offer stable rides and good upwind performance. The fins also excel in wide jibes which very likely will be exited planing.

Due to the high rake and the short length our Delta fins – like all weed fins – don´t plane as early as our straight fins and slashy jibes need some training.

Top speeds beyond 80 km/h have already been reached in speed sailing. Prototypes were already used by Michael Brozio in competitions (4th place SURF Speed Battle, pro riders). Members of our speed team (Birger Bruhns, Benno Cremer und Daniel Thermann) impressed the competitors by being the only ones able to sail the highest winds at the Speed European Championship 2011 in Orth, Fehmarn. The water level had dropped by 1 metre within hours and all three sailed extremely fast in choppy conditions and were still able to go well upwind.

For safety reasons, all production fins will be equipped with a rubber cover at the front and a cut-out of 10 degrees behind the fin box to protect the board.

We are currently working on wave versions (single and multi-fin) and have already achieved remarkable results.

Here are the impressions of our team rider and World Cup Slalom sailor Roberto Hofmann:

“The Delta-fin is a great alternative to a traditional weed fin. The first windsurfing feeling is slightly different compared to a traditional straight fin, but after a few legs, the feeling is that you have a very solid, fast, agile and well jibing fin under the board. You have to give a little less pressure on the back foot when going upwind, but downwind your board is fast and easy to control <…>. I think this fins offer new possibilities in sailing shallow water places, having great performance and perfect control!”

Test conditions: 110 litre RRD Freemove board, 6.1 m2 Loftsails 2012 Wavescape, gusty offshore wind with 10-23 knots, 16.2 cm und 17.6 cm Delta (Ride) fins.

The fins will be available from ca. 1 May 2012. Preorders can be made online at your local surf shops and on www.mauiultrafins.eu.

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