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Artikel: Paskowski vinder EFPT Milos Beach


Paskowski vinder EFPT Milos Beach

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Official Press Release
Milos Beach Open in Lefkada.

And again the EFPT will have to leave one of the nicest places. Anyway, it feels good to go back on tour after having a great time in Lefkada and with the third result in the pocket. The double was almost finished and as the wind didn’t pick up on the last day Saturdays ladder stays at it is. Andre Paskowski takes another victory back home!!!

The riders that made it to Lefkada will have a lot stories to tell and so the word will spread that this place is worth a journey any time. The surf Center in Milos Beach delivered a great service to all us and we are absolutely sure that we will be here next year again…

Just the fact that the wind never starts before 2 pm makes it a EFPT special. Everyone can rock the whole night and doesn’t have to worry that he might oversleep an early start. The wind here blows onshore so that in the end of every heat the riders are pretty close to the shore and the spectators get a great view at them. So this places scores high in overall impression.

Although we waited another day we were not able to finish the double elimination. So Andre didn’t have to defend his first place after the single. Normen Günzlein finishes second and Kevin Mevissen unfortunately didn’t get the chance to challenge him. Would have been interesting to see this last heats as this guys are on the highest level and everyone would love to see them on the water against each other. Anyway, as the tour goes on and we’re looking forward for the next stops they will get another chance to show their skills. Also the Greek guys did amazing good and we were super happy that our British friends from the “club Vass” in the south made it up here and showed that the UK also has some wicked sailors. Andy “Bubbles” Chambers proofed that by taking the 4th place…

We all thank “MILOS Beach” in Lefkada for having us and say good bye to a lot of new friends.

DaMike – EFPT

Final Result:
1. Paskowski Andre (F2/North Sails)
2. Günzlein Normen (JP/NP)
3. Mevissen Kevin (JP/NP)
4. Chambers Andy
5. Hurrey Simon (RRD/Gaastra)
6. Promponas Stam (Fanatic/Noth Sails)
7. Dixon Colin
7. Sumereder Michael
9. Kosmowski Jakub (Tabou/Gaastra)
9. Prapas Alex
9. Treboux Laure (Naish/Naish)

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