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Artikel: Ski or Die


Ski or Die

Her kan du downloade ‘Ski or Die’ – Det bedste vinter sportsspil nogensinde!

Rodney’s Shop

In Rodney’s shop, you will see him standing behind the counter. From there, you can do many things. Just use the arrow keys (or joystick) on a part of the screen, then some text will come up,
showing you your options. From here, you can either sign up and compete, or practice. I suggest you practice the events first.


In the halfpipe, part of the object is to weave in and out of the gates (flags). The main object though, is to pull of tricks while in the halfpipe. For keyboard, use the right keypad. To start ANY event, you must hit the ENTER key. Use the Left and Right arrow keys to move back and forth in the tunnel. While you are moving up on the side, you can hit enter to perform tricks. Another way to do tricks, is to hit ENTER while you are going forward in the pipe. If you time it right, and hit enter, and a direction key while going over a mogul (bump), you will pull-off GREAT point scoring tricks!


This is a harder event. In this event the object is to collect (run over) the items along the way. All you have to use, are the arrow keys and the ENTER key. Whne you see bumps ahead, hit enter to go up and down. Make sure at some poitns you stay towards the middle, or else you will fall of the side. I nother parts, you can bounce of the sides, and gains speed!


This is by FAR the MOST fun event. IF you have ever watched ESPN, NOW you can compete in these wild stunts. You start off at the top of the runway. Pres the enter key to start, and press it multiple
time to gain maximum speed. After you hit the top, the screen will scroll. After you get off the tip, then it is TRICK TIME!! You are judged on your jump performance. The best moves to do are combinations. You must hit ENTER+XXX where XXX=a direction key, and here are the codes…

ENTER + 1 ….. Front Tuck Flip
ENTER + 2 ….. Back Scratcher
ENTER + 3 ….. Back Flip with 360 Twist
ENTER + 4 ….. Daffy
ENTER + 5 ….. Nothing
ENTER + 6 ….. Daffy
ENTER + 7 ….. Knee Touch Front Flip
ENTER + 8 ….. Wide Eagle Spread
ENTER + 9 ….. Twist Flip

Addenum to Flips..
Some flips in the aerials can be done without enter, here are some of the codes I stumbled on to..
KEYPAD8 ….. Front Pike Flip
KEYPAD7 ….. Front Arch Flip
KEYPAD2 ….. Front Arch Flip

These moves are some that will win big.

Some of the best moves, are multiple flips with twists. I have found these combinations to be high-scoring…



The downhill is a fun but tough event. The main object is to beat the clock. To start skiing, hit ENTER. Then press DOWN to go forward, LEFT to go left, RIGHT to go right, and UP to stop. Also
a big part of hit, is the tricks you do. When you see a cliff, that is appropriate for jumping, you have to press ENTER, (hold it down), and also hold down the DOWN arrow key. Hold it for as long
as neccesary. In some cases you have to hold it until you can’t any longer (computer automatically lets go), or let go in time to land safely. When you get to the mogul area, hit a direction key (any will perfor different tricks), and ENTER.

Snowball Blast

This is a self-explanitroy event. HIT THE KIDS! Press the left and right arrow keys to move the crss-hairs back and forth. Press ENTER to beam the little suckers! To move screens, hit left or right and the SHIFT key (I think). The object is to hit all the kids in the alloted time.

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