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Artikel: PLASMA’s Sydafrikanske Surfer


PLASMA’s Sydafrikanske Surfer


Name: Peter van der Merwe
Age: 14 almost 15
Born: Cape Town South Africa
Backyard: Long Beach, Kommetjie, South Africa
Surfvan: My mothers car
Sponsors: Geraghty Surfboards, PLASMA, 4 way fins, Meshco Steel and Reef wetsuits
First time in Klitmøller, how did you find it?
It was good. The people are a lot more friendly and its much safer compared to home.

Have you learned any Danish?
Yes, the word Kylling.

The Surfers Journal Spring battle, how was it?
It was great, the organizers did a really good job and the prizes were excellent. The waves were also pretty fun.

The Danish surfers your age are not blessed with the consistent waves like you have in SA, but are you impressed with their level?
I have only seen one Danish my age his name is Casper Steinfath, he is also on team PLASMA and he seems pretty confident in the water. I think with a bit of travelling and better boards he should become a good surfer. But on a whole I think he´s pretty good for what he has.

Any good advises?
Keep surfing and follow your dreams.

Peter og Casper

When did you start surfing?
Four years ago

Who do you surf and train with?
I mainly surf with Matthew Bromley back home who is a excellent surfer and is on the SA team. My coach is Quinton Jones, he is two times SA champs and rips.

Is there a national team you surf with?
No, Im not old enough to be on the SA national team programme, you have to be 16.

So surfing is a big thing in South Africa do you compete and how have you done?
Last year I finished 4th in the SA championship tour in the U14 class. This year I compete in the U16 which is a bit harder.

And what about the comps this year?
Since I compete in the U16 it will be hard but I hope to make it on the SA national team, if not I will make it next year for sure!

Tell us about your home spot?
Long Beach is a sandbar wave. Its mainly a left but the right is sometimes pretty good.

Peter på hans homespot

Tell us how you met Robert the first time and got your PLASMA deal?
Rob AKA Master was looking for a grom in South Africa to sponsor so he contacted a shaper in Cape Town who happened to be my shaper and a friend of one of Roberts friends. Dean the shaper then told me about it, so I took the oppuortunity. In the beginning I was a little sceptical but now I´m stoked since PLASMA is such a sick brand.

What are you’re dreams in surfing?
Not sure at the moment but I would probably like to pursue a career in a surf related thing.

Will we see you back in Denmark?
For Sure

Anybody you wanna give at shout?
Ya, all the boytjies back home, Dean my shaper for shaping such sick boards and Quinton for the good coaching.

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