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Artikel: Shotgun - Finlands første pige snowboard film!


Shotgun - Finlands første pige snowboard film!

SheRiders har fået fat i Hanne Kauko, som er med i den finske pige snowboard film ‘Shotgun’.
I interviewet kan du læse om hele projektet, riders, oplevelser og hvordan den endte med at hedde ‘Shotgun’. Det lover rigtig godt, og jeg glæder mig til at se filmen, når den kommer ud!

Hanne Kauko på streetrail. Foto: Harri Tarvainen

Name: Hanne Kauko
Years of riding: 10, I guess??
Homeresort: Laajavuori, Ruka.
Favorite trick: Sw bs 180. And all kind of small jibbing…
Titel in the Shotgun project: rider

Main sponsors:
RUKA (ski.ruka.fi)
BONFIRE (www.bonfiresnow.com)
GALS.FI (www.gals.fi)

Media Partner:
Slammer (www.slammer.fi)

Other sponsors:
RIDE (www.ridesnowboards.com)
ELAN (www.elansnowboards.com)
DAKINE (www.dakine.com)
VANS (www.vans.com)
ICON (www.iconsnowboards.com)

SAPPEE (www.sappee.fi)
YLLÄS (www.yllas.fi)
LEVI (www.levi.fi)
UKKOHALLA (www.ukkohalla.fi)
PYHÄ (ski.pyha.fi)
SUOMU (www.suomu.fi)

..plus the girls’ own sponsors.

Shotgun pigerne. Foto: Harri Tarvainen

Hi Hanne! How are you? What have you been up to lately?
Hi Anna! I’m great, working like hell for studies (for some strange reason
I like it, though). And breaking and breaking, and waiting for snow…!!

How was the ‘Shotgun’ project started and organized?
We’ve been riding together with the girls in the movie for a while, and an
own movie has been a more-or-less serious dream for a while. Couple of
years some of us finally managed to really do something to fulfill the
dream. The girl behind majority of the organizing is Noora Vihervaara, but
of course all of us have worked for it – to get sponsors, trips etc.

Who is riding in the film?
Meri Peltonen, Tiina lindström, Noora Vihervaara, Sanna Niilola, Saana
Pehkonen, Anni Kuortti, Veera Vihervaara, Hanna Laukkanen, Heidi Paumola
and me!

Where is it filmed?
Mainly in Finland, in several locations all over Finland (see the resorts
above), but also in different locations all over Europe: Åre (Sweden),
Folgefonna (Norway), Stryn (Norway), Laax (Switzerland) and Mayrhofen

Hanna Laukkanen. Foto: Harri Tarvainen

Why the name ‘Shotgun’?
Hah, you know the joke, that when your going to travel with a car
somewhere, the one that shouts ‘Shotgun’ first gets to sit at the front
seat? So that’s where we got the idea – we’ve had quite a few roadtrips..

What do you think is the best about ‘Shotgun’?
About the movie itself or making the movie? I think it’s amazing that we
actually managed to build this up. It took up hell a lot of effort. In
making it: all the good days riding somewhere – and they were not so usual
as one might except. There is at least 5 bad days per every good day: it
is not too easy to have good weather, good set-ups, and good feeling to
ride on the same day (though those 3 do correlate with each other..)!!

When is ‘Shotgun’ coming out – and how can we get our hands on it?
The premiere is 6.12. ar Ruka. After that the DVD can be purchased at

Saana Pehkonen i Stryn. Foto: Harri Tarvainen.

Within the snowboard scene Finland is wellknown for having a lot
of very good riders – why do you think a Finish girl snowboard movie
has not been done before now?

That’s a question that’s been discussed a lot here – or at least the level
of girls’ riding in Finland has been discussed a lot. Hard to say. Maybe
our icy slopes and kickers are a bit too much for the girls, haha. Or then
the atmosphere has not been supportive enough – cause I think most girls
need lots of support to push themselves forward. There are exceptions of
course, but I think most of girls are like that.

How do you see the girl snowboard scene in Finland? – and in The
North in general?

Getting better 🙂 I think in the Northern Europe Norway has the most good
female riders, in Finland there are very few. But I really think the
situation is improving – I think the level of female riding has been and
is getting better all over world now.

Can we expect a ‘Pumpgun’ movie next year?
Probably not. A project like this requires lots of time and resources –
and we really don’t have enough of those to make another movie so quickly.
But later, perhaps, hopefully!

Shout outs?

To our super-patient and nice filmers Olli Koivula and Osku, and
photographer Harri Tarvainen. And all the (rider-)girls keeping up the
good spirit!

Sanna Niilola. Foto: Harri Tarvainen.

Meri Peltonen. Foto: Harri Tarvainen.

Noora Vihervaara. Foto: Harri Tarvainen.

Foto: Harri Tarvainen.

Meri Peltonen. Foto: Harri Tarvainen.

Tiina Lindström. Foto: Harri Tarvainen.

Noora Vihervaara. Foto: Harri Tarvainen.

Veera Vihervaara rock sliding! Foto: Harri Tarvainen.

Tiina Lindström. Foto: Harri Tarvainen.

Wallride. Foto: Harri Tarvainen.

Tiina Lindström. Foto: Harri Tarvainen.

Thanks to Hanne Kauko for the intervew! 🙂

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