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Artikel: Windsurf - Interview med Ashley Baxter


Windsurf - Interview med Ashley Baxter

Ashley Baxter er en windsurfer fra Maui, som deltog i sit første bølgestævne i sidste uge. Ashley er igang med high school, men kan som hun selv siger ikke vente med at blive færdig så hun kan leve sin drøm ud. Hun er søster til den efterhånden verdenskendte helt unge windsurfer Conor Baxter, og hendes mor har også været professionel windsurfer.

Her bringer vi et interview med Ashley, som er en af de piger i verden som vi helt sikkert vil se rigtig meget til de næste år, men som endnu ikke helt er opdaget uden for USA. Hun har alt hvad der skal til for at gå hele vejen, men samtidigt er hun også bare en helt almindelig gymnasieelev som stadig bare drømmer lige som alle os andre…

What is your background, and how did you get into windsurfing, when did you start, and so on?

The reason why I got into windsurfing is because of my family. My mom Karen Baxter was the World Campion, and my dad Keith Baxter has always been involved in windsurfing. They always encouraged my brother and I to get involved with this sport. I started windsurfing when I was young, about 4 years ago, but I only really did it because my family wanted me to, and because my younger brother Connor Baxter started as well. I didn’t do it much, and eventually never did it any more until about 2 years ago. I never got serious with the sport until this summer when I finally got my first jibe! I started improving when I did the sport for myself.

How is it to live on Maui, the place which all of us dream of living? Do you feel any difference from summer to winter?

I love my life on Maui! I feel so lucky to live in one of the best windsurfing spots in the world, and also live in a place that many people dream of living. The wind on Maui is better for windsurfing during the summer time, but their aren’t much waves, and then in the winter the wind dies down, and it doesn’t come as consistently but the waves are SO GOOD!!! The weather here is mostly the same, in the winter it gets a little colder, and rains a little more. I love the weather here on Maui. I like that it doesn’t change too much because I hate it when it’s too cold.

You just did the aloha classics, was it your first PWA event? How did it go and how was the competition from the other girls?

The Aloha Classic was both my first PWA event, but also my first wave contest. I loved it so much! All the girls were really supportive, and always gave me tips about what I should do out there. I was really nervous, but I had a little practice in the amateur event that was the week before. I really liked sailing during the competition because I found that I learned a lot about reading, and riding the waves. Also, it was so sick to have Hookipa to myself!

Please tell a bit about sailing Hookipa, is it hard? Do you sometimes end up on the rocks? And how big are the biggest waves you have been out on?

Hookipa is an intermediate to advanced sailing spot. It’s hard to sail there because on the inside were the waves are the wind in either really light, or there’s nothing. It’s also hard to sail there because of the current. Hookipa’s current is really strong and if you get caught in the wrong spot, you can get sucked on to the rocks. I have never been sucked on to the rocks, but I have been pretty close to it. I always have a fear of getting stuck on the rocks when the waves at Hookipa are big. The biggest waves were probably mast high.

What do you think about being a female windsurfer in the sport?

I love being a women windsurfer because I want to push the limits, and try things that no other women have tried! I want to prove to the guys that we can be just as good as them if not better!

I know that you have been on the front page on an American windsurf magazine… how was it to see your self on the front page?

Me getting on the cover of Windsurfing mag. was the best thing that ever happened to me. I think that it was the happiest moment of my life. When I finally saw the picture on the cover it was really weird, but it was so cool!

Which tricks do you do? And are you most into waves or freestyle?

I have not yet tried any freestyle tricks, but soon I want to learn some moves. Freestyle is hard to do in Maui because it’s so choppy. But I love the waves and hope to become more experienced in them.

What’s your dreams and plans for the future?

After I graduate from high school I want to do the PWA tour. I want to travel all over the world and windsurf! It seems so much fun, and I can’t wait to pursue my dream!

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